DayZ Status Report Highlights – July 3rd


6 years ago

New DayZ Status Report shows Content coming to 0.63 Stress Test

This DayZ Status Report is a bit shorter than usual, as there was a public holiday in the Czech Republic. As you can tell by the image above, some of the developers used that opportunity to visit a gig by Nine Inch Nails in Prague. It turns out Alessandro Cortini, a band member, is actually a DayZ fan!

In today’s Status Report the developers are updating us with the latest status on the first big content update coming to the 0.63 Stress Tests and later the experimental branch. Features and content will continue to be batched like this to better identify and fix issues.

The features listed here are undergoing testing as of now and the content has been branched away from the internal development version with many more fixes and improvements to stability, security and server performance.

The DayzUnderground community and many others are waiting patiently for the release of 0.63 on community servers. Thankfully, the developers resolved the GDPR issues blocking the ability to switch to the experimental version. With its introduction they will enable this option for server owners. The required changes will mean that player information will no longer be accessible openly by server owners but still keep all functions like kicking and banning. While this means the release to community servers is closer, the developers have clarified it will not happen this week.

Overview of the first Bundle

AI Sensors/Audibility/Visibility

With this change you will see your stealth options getting expanded by quite a bit: besides stances, the colours and weight of items will affect your ability to avoid zombies and confuse their perception.

Hidden Stashes

Character – Unconsciousness

Shock stat and weapon hits that increase it can cause the character to fall unconscious to be possibly saved by CPR. With the unconsciousness state, you’ll be seeing more options to neutralize players and interact with them in combat.


The ability to CPR people with high shock values.



Items like the Sewing kit, Weapon Cleaning kit, Duct tape and more are seeing a comeback as durability matters again. Weapons don’t jam yet but that’s something you’ll definitely see in a future content update.

New weapons


There is no definite list of scopes coming yet in the first content update, but, based on the weapons currently in the game, they will deliver a meaningful selection.

Soft skills

The Soft skills are getting in, so you’ll see the basic specializations working and your crafts bringing better results faster.

Environmental Exposure

The temperature system will start working without any repercussions first, to gather more information on how harsh we want to get.



Diseases and associated effects (coughing, sneezing and more) are returning as well as items that resolve possible negatives, such as purification tablets. This includes the possibility of disease transfer from player to player and items.


The first part of the navigation system in DayZ besides the new map is the compass. Hopefully, it will help you to learn more about Chernarus and its intricacies.

Ambient Loot

One of the core features that we want to use to solve a possible lack of loot is a set of items that spawn not centrally but based on the player position and interactions. This might need a lot more tweaks, so expect its values to change even during testing.

Voice Communication

The whole Voice Communication system along with radios, public radios, megaphone etc. is coming to the game to give you objectives on the map as well as new options to communicate and meet with other survivors in the game.

Community Spotlight

In this status report we had some more content from the DUG community!

First up is an edited image by DUG team member DrDesync. Click the image to get the razor sharp 4K file.


Humans of Chernarus Part 2

In part two of the Humans of Chernarus photo series by DUG team member Jari, we discover how different the impact of the collapse of society can be on people. Rebuild society or use the chaos – what’s the right way?