DayZ Modding: A First Look


6 years ago

DayZ will receive modding support, likely to come with BETA

Bohemia Interactive has a long-standing history and passion for modding. Even DayZ itself used to be a mod of the military sandbox, ARMA II. It should come as no surprise that DayZ will also be moddable.

Unfortunately, the developers have been mostly quiet about the subject so far. However in a recent blog post, Julien a senior producer focusing on modding, reveals a first look into modding DayZ and the new tools coming with the Enfusion engine.

Modding is projected to be PC exclusive, integrated via the Steam Workshop. We aim for a partial release together with BETA.


As the BETA is closing in, the developers feel it’s finally time to share some information. Julien says that “from the technological point of view, DayZ is a hybrid between the Real Virtuality (RV) and Enfusion Engine. Assets are still being made via Object and Terrain Builder; the packing process remains mostly unchanged, and sharing of creations will go through the loop Publisher/Game Launcher.”

This is huge news! The Arma and DayZ modding community have created a vast library of content. If that remains compatible with DayZ, we will see a lot of new content being produced quickly.

The new DayZ Central Economy Editor allows modders to change spawns and zones of items or even infected.

The “Workbench” – A powerful new all-in-one tool for Enfusion modding

A new tool called “Workbench” will join the modding package. This is a powerful all-in-one tool developed to handle modifications related to the new Enfusion engine game core such as scripting, particles editing, UI editing, and others. In addition to these, Julien details the tools will contain a few more DayZ specifics like NavMesh Generator and the editor for the Central Economy.

The Workbench’s animation editor is a step up from Arma’s animation pipeline.

The majority of features are kept in Enfusion’s new scripting language “Enscript”.

More information from the developers is coming. They can’t wait to unleash the tools into our hands and see how far the community can push their imagination!