DUG Mod Update Overview #8


5 years ago

More changes, fixes and new content

The DUG modding team continues to be hard at work, releasing regular updates and changes for our players through our custom DayzUnderground mod.

With the DayzUnderground server mod we not only provide our players a true Hardcore Survival experience but also deliver various gameplay tweaks and often even bug fixes of issues currently in DayZ.

Our overall goal is to achieve a fun new challenge that forces you to think differently about your decisions and add new content while staying true to DayZ’s original vision of an unpredictable, authentic and unforgiving sandbox that drives stories.

In the past week and the DayZ 1.04 patch release, we’ve focused on further gameplay tweaks and a sneak preview of a huge content update coming soon.

The 1.04 stable update did not require a wipe, however we removed the Code Lock mod, which means you have to replace your gates with new locks.

Here is an overview of the recent changes which we’ll summarize as update #8.

Basebuilding related changelog overview

  • You can now dismantle wooden crates, and get a plank and some nails back
  • Reduced the amount of planks you can get from a pile
  • Disabled the creation of fire barrels
  • Digging up poles should now be quick again, dismantling other stuff not.
  • Increased time to remove barbed wire
  • Seachests can no longer be buried to keep rifles within the CLE
  • Fixed 1.04 compatibility of raid times and tool damage

External mod integrations

We want to thank Indianawinny, Cleetus and Lasyen for allowing us to integrate their excellent mods into the DUG mod!

The DayZ community is full of talented creators and modders who provide others with amazing mods. Among others, the DUG server has been using the external mods “Increased Lumens” by Indianawinny, “No Fence Collisions” by Cleetus and “Classic Names and Descriptions” by Lasyen.

We are very grateful to be given permissions to now fully integrate them into the DUG mod. Thank you guys! This means our players will have a smaller external mod list, we no longer depend on external updates and we can tweak specifics to our liking.

You will always find the updated list of required mods for the DayzUnderground server on the DUG server mod list and installation page.

  • Tweaked white head torch brightness to be lower
  • Code Lock mod removed. Vanilla locks are working now. Please replace your locks.
  • Classic Names and Descriptions are temporarily disabled but will be enabled again after bug fixes.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Shoe damage was greatly reduced
  • You can no longer open a pile of  seeds to get more seeds
  • Cigarettes etc now show an energy meter again
  • Allow Handsaw to create t-shirt bandanas
  • Battery usage on NVG goggles increased
  • Paper can be put in cigarette packs
  • PressVests, PoliceVests and PlateCarriers can not have grenades attached, other vests can
  • Removed several bugfixes that were patched by BI
  • You can no longer eat whole pumpkins, slice them first

Content Updates

Dayzunderground mod clothing update

All Gorka clothes got a makeover that improves their camo pattern and color palettes to much more closely match their real world counterparts – A sneak peek of a large content patch coming to DUG. Image by DrDeSync

  • “AN” Helmet will now properly display “UN “
  • Improved and more authentic Flecktarn texture on boonie hat
  • Improved and more authentic textures of all Gorka clothing
  • Removed DUG logo on tactical shirts
  • Improved and more authentic textures of BDU jacket and pants
  • Improved and more authentic textures of USMC MARPAT jacket and pants
  • Improved and more authentic texture of SMERSH vest and buttpack

With all Gorka clothes, BDUs and MARPAT clothes receiving a makeover that changes their colors, camo scale and patterns and other small details to much more closely match their real world counterparts, which results in an improved camouflage effect, we have released a first sneak peek of a larger and yet unnanounced content patch coming to DayzUnderground players soon.

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