Community Spotlight – November 2022


2 years ago

DUG Community Spotlight is Back

Today we wanted to take the time to recognize the numerous new and returning groups on DUG. This has been one of our largest waves of new groups in a long time, so we wanted to show them some love with our return of the Community Spotlight!


The Free Citizens of Severograd

Artwork by Dreweh_ and Wholesome_Fredd

The Free Citizens of Severograd is group built around Severograd. Their goal is to protect the interests of citizens and enforce law and order inside the greatest city in Chernarus – Severograd. Citizenship can be gained through an interview process and a trial period. FCoS only protects its Citizens inside of Severograd. It’s citizens are not allowed to wear their signature armband outside the city unless for official business. If you wish to join or learn more, make your way to Severograd!

The Wizards

Video by Pablo Pavlov

The Wizards are a group of individuals who believe they are of a higher power. They claim to have been alive for hundreds of years and possess magical powers. They don’t care for the politics of other groups and care only about their current needs and desires. Their goal is to spread their word and continue to conjure the “magic” that delays the end times.

The Kings of the Coast

Artwork by Pablo Pavlov

The Kings of the Coast are an evolution from the group previously known as the Spud Buddies. The group regularly goes on expeditions patrolling the coasts of Chernarus, giving aid in exchange for undying fealty to the group. Their goal is to rule and guide other survivors in rebuilding society in a way that they see fit and punish those they deem to be unworthy. For those seeking an easy settlement, the Kings will eventually offer to provide housing in their lands for those who are willing to bend the knee to the monarchs. Furthermore, for anyone wishing to be knighted by the Kings and join the group they must prove themselves loyal. Should the Kings come to hold more land, Knights can be risen to Lordship where they too will be a King of the Coast.

The Rats

The Rats are a group of slavers and killers, with no real motive or ambition driving their actions. Rats find enjoyment in the torture and eventual killing of others, while often using those they find as slave laborers for their many construction projects or for finding them food and supplies to minimize the risk for their own. While they thrive on death and suffering they do have one simple rule: No Hesitation. Rats should have no hesitation to torture, enslave or kill as it is their way of life and any Rat that does show hesitation is no true Rat. Their motto: “As they suffer we thrive”.


FOX is a collection of survivors who thrive in the chaotic state of the world. While they are good people, these survivors are opportunistic by nature. Whether it is for survival or a current objective, they won’t hesitate to deceive you or poke their nose in your business. Not typically aggressive, they tend to shy away from situations they cannot handle, but if threatened or harassed they will do whatever necessary to get out of that situation.

South Zagorian People’s Army

The SZPA are a collective of the dejected yet hopeful masses of South Zagoria. While humanity has atrophied to a tribal warlord state, we believe it is not yet too late to reverse course and bring a bountiful future for all. However, that window is rapidly closing. We do not take individual survival as a workable solution to The Great Crisis. It does not matter if bands of humanity stake out small pieces for themselves, they will not persist. The SZPA wishes to radically change the material conditions of the newer, disorganized population of South Zagoria. They believe that once a critical mass of membership and quality of life is obtained the SZPA will be able to secure its own territory to stabilize their pocket of the world. Once that is achieved they will be able to export this stability and end The Great Crisis.

Sons of Steel

The Sons of Steel are formed by the remnants of a previous faction named the Scribes. They believe themselves to be above everyone else both literally and figuratively and claim to possess something called the spark. They value pride, intellect, and information and care little for petty squabbles between others.


The End

We’d like to thank all of these groups and their members for choosing to spend their time on DUG! After a long hiatus, our Community Spotlight is back! Today’s is an overview of all of the new groups that have popped up on DUG recently. If any of these groups interest you be sure to join our Discord and apply to join our Whitelist and start viewing hundreds of stories, artwork and videos from our Community via our private Subreddit.