FIX Bad version, server rejected connection 2020


5 years ago

These are 5 fixes for a common DayZ issue

“Bad version, server rejected connection” is a server kick message you might encounter frequently when trying to connect to DayZ servers, in particular modded servers. Thankfully, it should be easy to fix if you follow these steps.

The kick reason itself is quickly explained. It means that there are different versions of either the game or mod files on your PC and the server you are playing on. To prevent gameplay issues and bugs, the server refuses the connection and automatically kicks you with that message.

Here are all possible reasons and fixes for this issue.

You might not have to follow all options, one of them could fix your issue already.

We recommend to check again after applying one of the fixes.

1. Restart Steam and the DZSA Launcher

This might be the easiest solution to your problem. Sometimes Steam might not recognize mod or game updates and the DZSA launcher also requires you to restart it in order to refresh the mod lists for servers. Restart both and try to connect to the server again!

Check your Steam downloads and force any updates that might not download automatically.

2. Check that you are loading all the correct and updated mods

Modded servers require you to download, install and load the mods specified by the server to be able to play on them.

You can use either the built-in DayZ launcher or use the DZSA launcher which we recommend as it will automate everything for you.

Here are tutorials that help you install and load the correct mods for DayzUnderground.

If you use the DZSA launcher, you might have to restart it and/or Steam to receive the updated mod requirements.

Server owners usually provide a list of the required mods on their platforms or mention them in their server titles. Make sure you have only the required mods installed and loaded and restart Steam or the DZSA laumcher to get the new files when mods have been updated.

You can find the modlist for the DayzUnderground server here in the DUG server mod list.

3. Wait for the server to update

Another reason for the issue could be on the server’s end. Even if you have all the correct mods downloaded and loaded and have verified your game files, the server itself might not have the new mod version installed yet, causing the mismatching versions.

Mods can update at any time, server owners have to respond manually, which may take some time.

Some servers use a lot of different mods by multiple authors which may release updates at any time, unannounced. The server owners will then have to be ready to manually install the update and restart the server.

We monitor the server pretty much constantly and so far have been very quick at updating mods and restarting the server. Although there will always be some waiting time as we usually check for incompatibility issues or other problems that might impact our players by deploying the updates on our test server first.

Please join the DUG Discord and search for an announcement from us, we let our players know when we are currently working on an update.

4. Verify your game files through Steam/ repair mod files

It is also possible that you have the correct game version and all mods installed but some of the files are damaged or partly missing.

To verify your game files through Steam, navigate to your Steam library and right click on DayZ and select properties. Click on “Local files” and then “Verify integrity of gamecache”. A new DayZ launcher window will open, giving you several options. We recommend you to check all boxes. The files affected will be restored automatically. After that, Steam will verify your game files and redownload any missing or damaged files.

To verify your mod files, please open the DZSA launcher and select “Settings”. In the lower right corner you will find the option to “Verify all Steam Workshop Mods”. Perform the action and try to connect again. If this still fails, you might also have to delete and re-download all Steam Workshop mods required by the server.

5. Check you are on the correct DayZ branch

Almost all DayZ servers, including DayzUnderground, are running the latest DayZ stable branch, which is also the default for your installation of DayZ, meaning if the server you want to join is not using the experimental branch, you don’t have to change anything and instead look for the issue elsewhere.

There might a few cases though where the server is running the “experimental” build. If so, the server title will most likely tell you that this is the case.

If you have to switch to the experimental branch, just go to your Steam library, right click on DayZ, select “Properties”, then “Betas” and in the dropdown menu where it says “NONE […]”, select “Experimental – unstable test version”.

Steam will then download the game files and you’re on the experimental branch of DayZ. You can switch back any time and download the update again but not run both at the same time. Switching branches will not affect your character on the other branch.

Enjoy the game!

These fixes should hopefully have solved your issues. If you still can’t connect to the DayzUnderground server, feel free to look for help in the DayzUnderground Discord.