RISE – The Groups and Factions


5 years ago

Standing for true freedom

Seen by some as an unforgiving regional authority and by others as a sinister anarchist cult, RISE identifies as a group that stands for true freedom. When the world fell apart, they finally felt as if they were home; standing to remove anyone who tries to enforce rules on them, return governance to their land, or who becomes too strong to maintain the balance of power that exists on DayzUnderground.RISE-dayzunderground faction logo

The Church of The Cause

The faction claims the region of Novy and Stary Sobor as its home.

Their central location in South Zagoria has led to the formation of many close ties with neighbours, such as the Rogovo Regulators and Black Sheep, in addition to savage rivalries with other regional powers such as the Rangers Chernarus or Dark as Midnight. This complex web of relations has led to a diverse range of meetings and interactions, both friendly and hostile.

The faction worships the sinister deity they refer to only as “The Cause” in the two town’s huge churches. These ceremonies are often accompanied by strange rituals and even regular sacrifice; travellers should be careful to remain on their good side to avoid becoming their next offering!

The Dugout

RISE are also known for helping to operate the “Dugout”, their version of an apocalpytic supermarket. They are currently based in Stary but their store locations may change. A lot of people contribute to its stock and frequently items are given away as gifts.

RISE operates the Kay Mart trading post in DayZ Stary Sobor

RISE helps to operates the “Dugout” trading outpost in Stary Sobor. Come by and bring some gear!

The faction can usually be found wearing red headgear, black clothing, spears on their backs, and of course their signature RISE armbands – a reward granted to verified factions on DayzUnderground. If you visit their territory, they advise to keep your weapon on your back and comply, or suffer the consequences…

RISE are a mature (18+) group of players who are very relaxed and like to have fun, both in and out of the game. If you are interested in joining, go and find them in-game on DayzUnderground and let them know; let’s see if you’ve got what it takes!

This article was written by community member Jallen