The Carnival – Groups and Factions


6 years ago

When the heroes go off the stage, the clowns come on.

Whether clowns freak you out or not, it’ll be a dangerous freak show when you come across one of DayzUnderground’s strangest factions: “The Carnival”.

Led by a man known as Bozo, the Carnival is a group of clowns and circus performers who like to cause mischief and mayhem wherever they can (or are tolerated).
The Carnivals arrival to Chernarus is shrouded in mystery. Rumors have it that a man named Angus inherited the circus from his father just prior to the infection. Some say rumored they are the remnants of a touring carnival that were beaten and murdered by bandits fleeing the infection, devoted followers of the greek god Gelos (the God of Laughter). One thing is clear though: whether or not you make it out alive from interacting with them won’t be totally up to you.

The logo of The Carnival

The Carnival have made enemies of almost every group in the land whether due to “misunderstanding” or though their psychotic ways. The Carnival is not a group scared of the limelight; As Performers they pride themselves in spreading their reputation far and wide. The Carnival can be seen celebrating events during certain times of the year such as their sacred event “The Parade of Corpses” which falls on Halloween annually. Even with goals like, “destroying any attempts at rebuilding society” and “establish a steady supply of faces,” it is safe to say that this group is not always a friendly bunch. But you will be entertained by them, if nothing else.

They are nomadic in nature due to being a travelling circus, but they will spend months at a time around the Green Mountain area. The Carnival is in Chernarus to cause absolute chaos and will stop at nothing until their goals and beliefs are fulfilled.

The Carnival can be identified by their selection of clothing which consists of pink armbands, masks, and various colourful clothing items. If you are interested in learning more about the Carnival, its leader and/or its members contact them on our Teamspeak server or on their Discord. The Carnival is recruiting and open to all (whitelisted or non-whitelisted) but they will speak with you on a one-to-one basis to see if you are a proper fit for the group.

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