DUG Mod Update #7 Overview


5 years ago

Here are the changes and fixes that recently came with the DayzUnderground mod

With the DayzUnderground server mod we not only provide our players a true Hardcore Survival experience but also provide various gameplay tweaks and often even bug fixes of issues currently in DayZ.

Our overall goal is to achieve a fun new challenge that forces you to think differently about your decisions and add new content while staying true to DayZ’s original vision of an unpredictable, authentic and unforgiving sandbox that drives stories.

Our modding team continues to be hard at work, adding more content and features. Some of them is releasing now. Do you have experience modding or relevant skills and would like to join our team? Let us know on the DUG Discord and we’ll talk!

We have released several updates that fixed issues and tweak gameplay. Here is the overview of all of them.

Changelog Overview

dayzunderground mod updated

Highlights of the recent changes include: Fixed item weight stuff, increased radio range and cannibalism loophole nerfed.

  • Fixing the weight bug of item attachments introduced by the recent DayZ patch

You probably noticed your available stamina dropping when attaching items to others, resulting in a ridiculous amount of weight. We fixed them.

  • Handheld radio range increased to 8km

We increased the range of the handheld radios. A lot of our players use them on the default radio frequency to get in contact with other players and find unique encounters. The radio backpack will reach all across Chernarus.

  • Added a user control bind to toggle the personal night light off

The personal night light is an interesting feature that ensures players are not stuck in the middle of the night. However, some people don’t like the constant blue tint and rather prefer to embrace the night or use actual light sources. We added a toggle feature that lets you disable the night light, with the default being DELETE.

  • Changed dismantle times

To better balance raiding, dismantle times have been increased.

  • Removed lard from survivor bodies

Lard offered a cannibalism loophole as it didn’t cause Kuru, encouraging people to kill others for food.

  • Wooden Crate takes 4 planks and 20 nails and can’t be buried.

Burying rare rifles causes issues with the Central Loot Economy, we keep things balanced by only having the sea chest able to store large rifles and be buried.

  • Fixed being unable to eat pumpkins and corrected their nutritional values
  • Bandanas work and can be folded into masks. This is currently bugged in vanilla
  • NVG goggles battery usage matches NVG optics usage
  • Handsaw has same use as Hacksaw

If you want to stay up-to-date on the changes as they happen, join the DUG Discord!

We also want to thank all of our dedicated players! Our server has been exploding in popularity, now being in the global top 10 of all DayZ servers. We hope you are having fun and want to thank you for spending your time with us.

The DayzUnderground team