Our server is switching to DayZ 0.63 Exp!


6 years ago

DayzUnderground is gearing up and switching to 0.63 Experimental

Through a server owner newsletter and the latest Status Report, the DayZ devs have finally announced that 0.63 Experimental is now available to community servers and DUG is switching to 0.63 Experimental today!

The update is currently rolling out and we are working with our game server provider Multiplay to update the DUG server with the experimental build. We are keeping you updated with status updates through our Twitter account and DUG Discord serverĀ www.discord.dayzunderground.com

Update: The server is now ready. Connect and begin your adventure!

What you need to know:

  • Switch to the “Experimental” branch on Steam to download the update
  • The DUG server is under the “Official” servers tab in the in-game server browser for now, this is a bug
  • Server IP: playUS.dayzunderground.com:2502
  • TS IP: ts3.dayzunderground.com:11317
  • The update wipes all 0.62 data
  • The current branch includes the first content patch
  • Stay out of Gorka

To join the community, submit an honest application. If you have questions or want help with your application, we’ll be happy to help you!