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6 years ago

DayzUnderground factions and groups part one: The Cult of Papa

In this written series, we will be highlighting various groups and factions of players here on DayzUnderground. Any number of players can create groups on DUG, and sometimes these groups gain official “Faction” status after solid contributions to the community and fulfilling other criteria. Groups and factions tend to push much of the interactions and lore of the server, and we hope you enjoy this series as we introduce to you some of our longest-standing groups and factions on DayzUnderground!

Hail Papa, the lord of suffering

One of the most infamous factions of the community are the Cult of Papa. Here’s a brief introduction to the group made by one of their founders, Akim the Revelator.



As you can tell…they deliver pretty unique experiences on the DUG server. Although DayzUnderground isn’t a traditional role play server, we do encourage people to interact with their fellow community members. Here’s some more information on the faction, taken from their Reddit wiki page.


The Cult of Papa is a roleplay & storytelling oriented Faction. We are a sort of hardcore roleplay group that adds a horror element to DUG. We impose a rule set on ourselves that the rest of DayzUnderground’s community members are not expected to follow.

Our focus is to add a realistic element of horror to DayzUnderground by touching on relevant themes. We strive to tell tales of torture, hatred, love, death, and destruction that include as much of the wide array of personalities available in the DayzUnderground community as possible. All members of the community should be encouraged to get involved and to help shape the story, to make it big and exciting. We want to have fun doing this with you.

Their founders, Akim the Revelator and Bog Petrov, created this death cult focused on interactions with other community members. Their faction has been around DUG for over three years and is still going strong. Over the years they have created a thrilling storyline and lore which they share through close to 100 stories in our private subreddit forum, ingame events and appearing in over 50 DayZ videos! If you want to look at more of their videos and stories, send in an application to join the community at join.dayzunderground.com and check out the Cult of Papa Faction Page on Reddit.

Who knows what the future holds for the Cult of Papa… if history is any indication, it will be filled with evil and despair!


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