DayZ Community Stream Recap – June 15th


6 years ago

The Community Stream was not a Developer Q&A but still gave us some interesting Info

The DayZ PR and marketing team held a Community Stream this Friday. While the stream was not a developer Q&A, Martin and Baty still answered a lot of interesting questions, which we’ll summarize here.

The 0.63 Experimental patch is now released and improves DayZ with the Enfusion engine, making gameplay much smoother and intuitive. Here are all changes and new features.

It is important to remember that this release is missing a lot of features and content that will be added over time.
To prepare for the road towards beta, the marketing and community management team was joined by two new guys who introduced themselves in the stream. Tim and Matty will work on improving the communication between the developers and the community. We’re excited to see what they will bring to the table!

Now, let’s get into the DayZ Questions answered by Martin and Baty

A lot of people are wondering when community servers and DUG will be able to switch to the experimental branch. This is obviously a high priority for the developers and they want everyone to be able to switch as soon as possible. However, we’re currently held back by a nasty memory leak and server crashes, which will need to be fixed before the patch can safely deploy to community servers. We will keep you updated through our private subreddit forum and DUG Twitter account! The server files needed to self-host will be released after 0.63 stable release when feature development is done and the platform is stable.

Community servers can switch to experimental as soon as a few performance issues are fixed

New Content is being worked on and will be added in Bundles

The current experimental builds are missing a lot of content and features that have to be re-configured for the new engine. As explained by Eugen in the Status Report, content and features will be added in bundles that are released regularly. However, they cannot promise dates for these content releases.

Content and features will be added during the experimental phase, leading up to Beta at the end of the year

  • Scopes are currently not available for public testing but will come with one of the first feature bundles.
  • Jumping and vaulting are also a high priority and will be added among the first bundles.
  • Audio is still work-in-progress. The audio designers are hard at work to create an immersive experience for us. Footsteps and other aspects will be improved.
  • Helicopters are working internally but their implementation is very rough and not yet refined enough to release.
  • Two-wheeled vehicles are the most challenging vehicle class. While models for them are already done, creating proper physics and handling is very challenging. They will likely be released after the 1.0 milestone.
  • New and previously existing weapons will come in bundles, according to their categories. The team is currently working on the shotgun category. Every gun and gun category now has their own customizable state machine.
  • The animation team is working on detailed handling animations for all weapons and items.
  • Bows are on the other hand the most challenging weapon class, due to their special handling and physics. Bows will be one of the last weapon classes to be implemented.

DayZ will release to Xbox Game Preview this Year

The team is committed to releasing DayZ to the Xbox game preview this year. There will be feature and content parity to PC. However, BI does not plan to offer cross-platform play as this would be too unbalanced. The game will also release to the Playstation after Beta.

Did you know? BI has a functional Russian T-72 Tank called “Edita”

41,5 tonnes of steel with a brutal V12 780 horsepower engine: Edita is a beast.


DayZ will have a Booth at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany

The team will have a sizeable booth and showcase DayZ on PC and consoles during Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming convention in the heart of Germany. If you’re able to, come and visit them to get a chance to talk to the devs, try the latest builds and score some amazing DayZ swag.

The Survivor GameZ will return after Beta

The beloved Survivor Gamez will return when 0.63 Stable has released and DayZ progressed into Beta and has more content to offer.

80 Player Servers

During the Stress-Tests, the devs tested 80 player servers. While they have revealed a few performance issues and aren’t stable enough yet, the coders continue to optimize server performance and are committed to increasing the player count per server.

Namalsk is an unofficial Mod and will release after Beta

Once modding support is released after the Beta milestone, modders will be able to create and release new maps for DayZ. Adam, the DayZ senior map designer, is working on a re-make of the Namalsk map in his freetime and will release it as a free mod on the Steam Workshop once modding support is publicly available.

Namalsk in DayZ Standalone

More Streams in the Future

This stream format was an experiment and will likely improve in the future. The team wants to hold regular community streams with DayZ events, gameplay and community interaction as well as developer streams that showcase development news.

There will be more community and developer streams with DayZ insights in the future

Here is the full VOD of the stream:

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