DayZ 0.63 Experimental Update releases and improves DayZ with new engine and features


6 years ago

DayZ 0.63 Update released to the Experimental branch on Steam

With this update, players will be able to experience some of the key engine changes brought to DayZ with the new Enfusion engine. Developing this new technology backbone for the game took the better part of the past 4 years in Early Access, and the DayZ development team is very happy to finally let everyone play “the new DayZ”.

Despite this truly being a massive update compared to the legacy versions of DayZ (0.62 and older), please keep in mind that this is still an Experimental update. It is not the DayZ BETA, and until we can reach that the 0.63 Stable update, DayZ remains a game that’s largely in development, and lacks the final feature-set and polish.


The DayZ development team is very happy to finally let everyone play “the new DayZ”

To play the Experimental build, go to your Steam Library, right click on DayZ, open Properties select Betas and then Experimental. You might have to restart Steam to download the patch.

But let’s get into what awaits you with 0.63 Experimental:

Improved Infected Behavior

Infected became a real threat in fist fights, since they can stagger the player. Better try to avoid them using stealth tactics, as the hordes will overwhelm you in close combat.

User Actions and Interactions

Interacting with the world around you is much smoother with overhauled user actions. The time you have to spend in the inventory is drastically removed. Just place the item in your hand and start crafting within the world. Don’t forget to wash the deer blood off your hands, it could irritate other survivors!

New Player Controller

Our renewed player controller is packed with a huge load of new animations, making the game much more fluent and responsive for even stronger immersion on your journeys in Chernarus.

Melee and Damage System

You can now choose between heavy and light attacks, you can block attacks or evade them completely with a quick side-step. Think about your next move, the dancing in circles has ended.

New Particle System

You have never seen the elements this authentic in Chernarus. Your flares and fires shine brightly through the night, slivers are flying through the air when objects are shot and excessive use will make your weapon steam from the heated barrel.

 Stamina System

The new stamina system limits your speed based on the weight of the items you carry.

Organ Damage

You shouldn’t only cover your head! Other vital organs are vital too and can be damaged individually.

 Radio Re-design

Anyone in Cherno?

Good communication skills can help you in the apocalypse in all sorts of ways, put them to use with our new radios!

 Server Performance

Our aim is to set an end to server crashes and kicks. With ongoing iterations servers will see more improvements to come.

Client Side Optimization (FPS)

On the client-side we aim to eliminate crashes and improve your overall framerate without immersion-breaking frame drops.


In the center of all of it lies our networking architecture to provide seamless communication between client and server.

Map changes

Northwest Airfield was fundamentally reworked and expanded.

The new Chernogorsk solves performance issues and is more authentic.

Streams and rivers can be found across Chernarus

Tourist trails with markes show you the way.

The western border holds several new surprises!

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