Community Spotlight – May 2022


2 years ago

Welcome to the DUG Community Spotlight

This will be home to some of the best content members of the DUG community create. Expect to see a story spotlight roughly every two weeks/month along with other community creations such as music, videos, and graphics. Community Spotlight content will be our favorite new content on our Community Subreddit, so get out and start creating! For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!

Community Artwork – Wolffe


Words from Wolffe – Origins and Inspirations of the Project

The creator of the story Cpt. Painkiller (Wolffe) was kind enough to answer some questions posed about how this story was thought up/put together.

What inspired you to make a comic strip as opposed to a story?

I wanted to, in a way, give back to the community something exciting and different to the normal written stories that I had been making. I wanted to visually portray a theme that would blend together as both a character journal entry and an almost “introductory” storyboard for the Hawks.

Did work from anyone else inspire you to go this direction?

Big shoutout to Pablo Pavlov and his art for inspiring me to pick up the pen and get back to drawing in general.

Did anyone help out with the writing of the story?

I’d have to thank the Hawks for their advice on what some of the scenes on the comic would be, on top of the general theme behind the wording that best describes this roaming group of misfits within Chernarus. My adventure and overall gameplay has changed dramatically since I began playing with them and weaving this story, and I honestly cannot thank them enough for the experience I’ve had on DayZ in the last couple of months.

Do you have anything to say to the DUG Community as a whole?

A big reason why I initially began drawing this comic were all the different forms of art and media that other members of the community had brought to the table. From the amazing character art to the well-crafted and creative videos that were shared in the recent few months since the server’s wipe. Remember: The sky’s the limit, so let your ideas come to life and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because when it comes to art – that’s how you create something amazing, and you’ll have a lot of fun with it along the way!

The End

We hope you enjoyed this look into u/CptPainkiller822s’ new content submitted to our Subreddit, bridging the gap between story and artwork! Rest assured that this will not be the last heard from them, so be sure to keep an eye out for more from our community as we skim through and pick our favorites to show you in the future! Until next time…