Community Spotlight – January 2023


1 year ago

Say Hello to 2023!

We’re only one month into 2023 and we are excited to show you some of the awesome contributions our community members have made in-game as well as out.

Community Event: Build the Overlook

Members of the community have been reaching out to one another in-game to gather as many like-minded folk as possible to work together and restore the Overlook back to its former glory in Staroye. Well over 40 people from various groups and factions came together in one evening, bringing supplies and tools either on foot or via transportation.

It’s awesome to see more than half of the entire server at one time, in one place, working towards one goal together! Great job guys and gals!

DUG Animation: “Soar”

Video by Mr.Painkiller

After months of fending for himself since the departure of the Hawks, Wolffe returns home to reflect upon his past…

Mr.Painkiller has been hard at work on this amazing animation of his characters journey and hopes you will enjoy!

Character Story: The Fading Echo

Last month we shared with you the memorial dedicated to Ekho the Burned, who has now shared with us his final story wrapping up his character!


The sound of an owl overhead echoed around the dark forest as the moonlight lit my reflection within the small pond. I reached up and slowly unraveled the bandages adorning my face layer by layer until only the burned flesh showed. The chill air nipped at my face as I pulled out the small blue card from my pocket. It had been far overdue the conversation that was going to happen in the coming days. When was the last time I had seen Roland?

Months? A year? Longer?

Time didn’t matter. I already knew what we would discuss even if I didn’t have the answers they wanted.

Everything felt different this time. It felt…..quiet. Recently, it had been like a never ending argument in my head and yet tonight it was quiet. My bag rattled as I searched for the morphine and codeine I had brought with me. Addiction was a bitch to kick, all right.

The familiar rush of adrenaline and the feeling of a high coursed through my veins as I closed my eyes and drifted to slumber. All of the anxiety and stress was gone if only in this drug enhanced dream.

I could see faces come into focus as I approached the scene before me. A family laughing around a table in the warm sunlight, no sign of pain anywhere near. I reached a hand out to get their attention yet couldn’t move. I called out yet couldn’t speak. Was I meant to be here? Why, if all I could do was watch?

Sweat beaded my head as I awoke to the daylight peering through the canopy above me. Perhaps I could visit that place in my dreams again but this was not the time. I had a meeting to make.


30 Minutes Later

“Hello Roland.”

I stared down the man in front of me, soaking in his presence. The bandana hiding a majority of his face and with it his emotions. He didn’t seek to control the conversation, not that he needed to, but rather let his aura speak for itself.

In the background I could see other members of the club lurking, watching, waiting for something. For me to slip up so they could put me down like a rabid dog. I could barely hear the words from Roland as my mind focused back on him.

“We’re gonna take a walk Ekho.”

Slowly like they were waking from a slumber they awoke. From zero to a hundred they screamed at me to run, to fight, to kill, to do something.

This is not the time. I have lived in control for too long to slip under your control once more. You will stay quiet and stay obedient.

With that I shut my mind to them and followed Roland as the other Loyalists circled around us like hawks.

We walked under the trees that spanned the flanks of the dirt road and talked.

And talked.

Secrets were exchanged. Memories were shared. Roland revealed that Chelsea and him had almost had a child but lost it. He said that was the reason she treated everyone like her own child. I chose to believe it was who she was. I understood why he was telling me all of this when we approached a lone figure standing in the road. Him and Roland exchanged looks and they directed me up a hill before we approached a lone multicolored church.

“Ekho there’s someone I’d like you to meet. This is Joe.” He said.

“Hello Joe.” I said calmly. I had heard of the president before although he managed to surround himself in a web of shadows and secrecy.

I turned away after greeting him and looked around at the members who now formed almost a perfect circle. Who would do it? Who would break the silence? Before I was left to wonder someone spoke up.

“You said you wanted to talk to him Henry. Go on.” A voice from around me called me out.

Henry took a step forward before I turned and looked.

“Henry.” I said trying to hide the tremor in my voice.

“How do you want to die Ekho?” The enforcer said staring me down.

I mumbled out some half worded response as the weight of what was happening hit me. The truth was I didn’t care. I’ve been fighting for so long just to wake up each day that I didn’t care.

Joe spoke behind me. “Stop playing around we’re gonna kill him either way. He fuckin’ knows why.”

“On your knees.” Henry stated.

I obliged and sank my knee down into the cold earth I would soon be laid in.

“Any last words Ekho?” Henry asked.

I stated solemnly after a pause. “I had a good run. Now I get to go home to my family.”

Roland approached from the left as Joe spoke behind my vision.

“She loved you son.” Roland said with a hint of emotion in his voice.

“We don’t take any pleasure in this Ekho, but uh you understand.” Joe said while turning to watch.

“It’s better than one of my own doing it.” I responded.

It was the truth. I could never imagine having one of my brothers or sister pull the trigger. Have them deal with the grief of killing me. Here in this secluded church there was no worry about after for me. No worries about who would bear the grief or the responsibility of killing The Burned Man.

My thoughts turned for just a moment to my brothers and sister in the Renegades. To Vulture who I would never be able to say that I forgave him for leaving so long ago. To Waxxer and August for taking care of me and protecting me from my inner demons. To Luna or Frank, to Dutch or Charlie for being the best family I could ever need and showing me the good side of life.

“She loved you Ekho. Just so you know she loved you.” Roland said.

“For what it’s worth we’ll tell them. We’ll tell them it was us.” Joe claimed pacing.

I didn’t even think about it. How the Renegades would react to my death. How anyone would react. Some may think it was a mercy to kill a madman and a psychopath, some may mourn me but I would not be here to see.

“Bury me by the ocean.” Were the last words I blurted out before looking up at the rifle barrel pointed at me.

I closed my eye and let out a breath. I could finally rest. Maybe I would find my family surrounded around that table smiling and laughing about the memories we had. I could dance away all my sorrow and pain. The faint click of a trigger releasing was the last thing I heard.


My eye blinked open as warm sunlight peered through clouds above. I brought a hand up to shield my eye and noticed something I hadn’t seen in a long time. My skin unblemished and no bandages adorning it.

I looked over as someone called out my name. I could see them there. My mom and dad holding out their arms to grab my hands and June running to hug me. I smiled and realized that for the first time that I could remember my mind was quiet and solely my own mind.

Behind me a voice whispered.

“Go on, you’ve earned it.”

I turned and looked to see Urbow or at least the last image I had of Urbow goading me on to this blissful paradise.

Had I earned it?

I would never know the answer, and I would never need to know.

Lore Short: The Guardians


Pablo_Zonk and Co. are back once again to bring you all a terrific tale of The Guardians, one of the oldest groups on DayzUnderground with remnants that can still be found thriving throughout the corners of Chernarus, trying to keep their morals and way of life from fading.