Community Spotlight – February 2023


1 year ago

February Spotlight and DUG Awards

This month is a bit of a double feature, as we’ll be looking into what our community has been up to this past month as well as commending certain members who have been voted on by the community as the best of the best for 2022!

Video: Something terribly wrong with Pablo?

Video by Legit-POP!

Episode 7 of Legit-POP!’s roleplay adventure series is up, which has been going strong for the past 8 months!

DUG Cinematic: Odyssey Announcement


Video by Danny Boi Productions

The Dugout may be gone but its people are still here and they are ready to make a difference. Check out their custom video made by them!

Character Story: Two truths and a lie

When you gotta lie, this is paramount. Always mix your lie into the truth. No matter what.

“God, a guy steps away from politics for a while and everything happens all at once.” Tony thought. He had been listening to what would have been once a week or month game changers get dropped on him rapid fire for near half an hour now.

Dugout in all out war with DAMN, Charlie is back and claiming his Boonie Brother title while making issues. Harvey wants Shifty dead. And Ted. Ted left for another country.

“You know why Ted left?“ Shifty and Emerson looked at Tony with confused expressions.

Two truths and a lie.

“I wasn’t there, but Daniel said he was tore up about some stuff. Needed to leave to get his mind off it. I don’t know much more than that.” Daniel had told me more but, I’ll leave that to him. I don’t want to get into a into something like that with them right now.

Gunshots stopped any follow up questions. Along with a voice calling over the wall. “Hellloooo, anyone in there?” a strange airy voice called over the wall. Everyone froze. DAMN had been in the area not long ago and them showing up is the last any of us needed.

“Let us in or I’ll huff and puff and blow my way in!” the unmistakable voice of a traitor clown called over.

Jack whispered “There’s no way they know we’re here. No one move, don’t say anything.” but before we could even nod our heads a sickening gas crept under the door and into our lungs. Tear gas, causing Shifty to cough, being closest to the door.

“Oh boy! See I told you I could smell someone in there! Come on out. We’d hate to blow a hole in the walls of humble haven.” Tony’s gut wrenched hearing Thorn’s voice. If he was still alive then his ploy didn’t work. And likely, Thorn would now know.

Two truths and a lie.

“If they bust in they’ll kill us all, I can convince them I got trapped in here and can’t get out. They won’t shoot me” The last line being more hope than I lie.

“HEY FELLAS, Long time no see! What’s been going on? Much of nothing I bet. Hey, that Clyde I see poking his head up over the wall? Good to see ya bud.”

“Fucking Tony. Wasting our fucking time. Get out here and let’s go on an adventure.” Harvey’s voice rang out. That’s good. I prefer the Devil I know. I can make myself seem valuable to keep alive to him.

Two truths and a lie.

“I’m not to sure how to get outta here fellas, barbed wire everywhere and I don’t know the code. Ain’t nothin’ to climb on either.” Only a moment passed before an axe flies over the wall.

“Good thing were here to save you then! Get to hacking away!“ laughed Harvey. This is no good, I bust down a wall, and they spill in and search the place. Maybe I could refuse? If they do have explosives on them, and I wouldn’t doubt it, then we’re back to square one.

“Oh shit, here’s a spot I can wiggle out.”

The walk towards Krona Castle was too short. None very talkative. Thorn was no where to be seen, which boded well for me I thought. The top of the castle proved me wrong.

“Hey Tony, you hungry buddy?“ Thorn’s voice sang in a sick guise of welcoming. “Have a seat next to the fire. You know, I heard you misrepresented somethings I said to the one person most likely to kill me Tony… I’m hurt, I thought we were pals?”

Fuck. Think. Two truths and a lie.

“You got me wrong Thorn, all I said is Harvey might want to look into it. Guta got an impression from ya and when she told me I got worried. I wouldn’t want you guys to be fighting each other.” That will be the play here. Make myself seem useful to Harvey and maybe he’ll stop it before it goes to far.

“And if I wanted to kill Harvey, would you help me Tony? I get the feeling you like him more than me. You see, that thought there upsets me the most. When Clyde told me what you said, I got so hurt and hungry for revenge, I’ve been looking for you ever since!”

The moment hung thick in the air. I’m in a corner. Think…

“So Tony, do you like Harvey more than me?” Thorn stood with a revolver in his hand.

Harvey didn’t move. Just stood there watching. They all stood watching.

Two truths and a lie. You stick to this and you can get out of almost anything.

Stick to the play, hope Harvey thinks I’m more useful alive,”… Yes… Uh” I got nothing, my minds racing to quick, spit something out quick or…

“That is upsetting.”


Community Artwork: Walking on Eggshells

Artwork by Eggfoot

The passing of a legend in the big city, and two people forging ahead, attempting to keep their world on track in his stead.

DUG Awards 2022

Every year our community comes together and votes for members they believe were the best in a certain role or created something memorable. This year had 11 categories that range from in-game/character to out-of-game.

  • For Protagonist the Best “Good Guy” goes to Rebel Johnson. Considered by many to be a super gifted individual who always amazes with his characters and the impact he’s left as Rebel Johnson.
  • For Antagonist the Best “Bad Guy” goes to Thorn. A person who stays true to his name. You can’t find a single person he hasn’t crossed paths with left filled with fear or true anger.
  • For Character the Character with the best development goes to Vadim. The Russian Trader who can put his money where his mouth is. He has the wears and the power if you have the proper coin.
  • For Death the Most impactful death goes to Paddy. A man corrupted by the Cult of Papa tries to kill to earn his place.
  • For Story the Best Reddit story goes to Paddy’s “Pursuing Papa” by . A man well known in the west got on the radar of the people folks dread the most… the Cult of Papa.
  • For Media the Best video or art of any form goes to Pablo. A guy who can put anything he imagines onto the page in nearly an instant. Check out this amazing collage of the various Characters of DUG!
  • For Contributor a DUG person that has contributed the most influencing content. Either through streaming, art, videos, screenshots, mods, or stories etc. goes to Pablo. You think it, he can make it. Be it videos, artwork or audio, he knows what’s up.
  • For DUG MVP the Most influential member who has impacted the community in and out of character goes to Pablo. A true triple threat, so why not bestow him triple the awards? For goodness sake, the guy even made the DUG AWARDS 2022 video and statue in it!
  • For Staff the Best Admin or Moderator goes to DrDeSync.
  • For Rookie the fresh face that has impacted the community in such a short amount of time goes to Alex. In less than a year he has formed a strong group with many people and become a beacon of the South with the South Zagorian People’s Army.
  • For Warrior the person most deadly with a weapon, melee or otherwise goes to CJ. The woman with a plan who executes not only people, but any plan or scheme she may have to a tee. You’d never want to be in her crosshairs, but it’ll probably be too late before you realized it.

This years Awards also had several sponsors and we wanted to give a shoutout to them and what they were contributing for our Award Winners.

  • For Rookie : $25 Steam Gift Card from Paddy!
  • For Antagonist: $50 Steam Gift Card from Toronto (Shakey29)!
  • For DUG MVP: two $25 Steam gift cards funded by Paddy and Cpt. Painkiller (Wolffe), and a $50 Steam gift card provided by The Warden!
  • For Character: a DUG t-shirt provided by staff!
  • For Death: a DUG hoodie provided by staff!
  • For Best story: A $25 Steam card donated by an anonymous donor!
  • For Warrior: A $25 Steam card donated by an anonymous donor!

For those interested here is a full render of the statue created by Pablo Pavlov!