Video by: Pablo Zonk
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The Commune Community – A DUG Group/Interview Series

Commune Members are all Free Agents free to do their own thing!

Hello Survivors! This is Pablo Pavlov the 6th of Pavlovo here again, making another Virtual Commune Communication Message as a Representative of the COMMUNE!

If you haven’t seen it, we’ve made an introductory video with some found cameras and computers for all you out there with functioning Tele-Sets:

I’m just here to inform and persuade y’all receiving this to proclaim you’re already an active member of the commune. Yes! You’re already a part of it!

As a Card Carrying Member I implore following what we wish to push! You don’t have to if you don’t wanna’ necessarily, but boy do we wish you did, at least a little. I forgive you either way…

The Commune has plenty of aspects, including the:

  • Commune Courier Club, which promotes health and quick delivery times.
  • Chernarus Commune Creative Collective, which develops and broadcasts various forms of media made on our found working computers!
  • … and more(?)

Specifically with the Chernarus Commune Creative Collective, we are publishing Audio Broadcasts, and an ongoing Interview series with the survivors of the lands, we’d love to interview you, who-ever YOU are!