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The Black Mass – DayZ Event Trailer

The Cult of Papa assembles for a massive death march. Well armed and with overwhelming numbers, they are determined to destroy everything in their path. Can they be stopped?

The Black Mass was one of DayzUnderground’s official events. A few survivors had identified key locations of the Cult’s route across Chernarus through intercepted radio communications. Facing a common threat, almost all groups and factions, some of them rivals, decided to fight the cult together. They organized a shared armory and coordinated in teams to hunt down the Cult. To give consequences to all actions, everyone who died during the event had to disconnect from the server. Cult members decided to raise the stakes even further and announced that a death in this event would lead to the permadeath of their characters.

After bloody battles and heart-breaking encounters, the Cult was ultimately deemed defeated. Although not every member was killed, which later showed disastrous. In the shadows, the Cult seems to continue to grow like a deadly tumor, spreading misery and fear again.
Over 100 community members attended the event through the server and Teamspeak. More content and stories from the event can be found in our private subreddit forum.