Welcomes and Farewells to Staff!


6 years ago

We have had a few changes in our rosters over the last few months, and we appreciate all the work these people have done to help us and our community.

We have had Shadowdancer and Zahj step down from their current positions, and we thank them for all the hard work both of these community members have done. Shadowdancer will continue to help lead her faction Black Paw, and Zahj has been greatly expanding our sister group Gaming Underground.

We have promoted Diesel and Ammo to full moderators and they have provided invaluable contributions to our team. In addition, we have brought on Dragarien and Recluse to help our staff, and we continue to look for more moderators as we look to Beta/.63 in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to everyone above. There is a lot of discussion and work behind the scenes, and the staff work diligently to provide a top-notch community.