The Search For Scarlet


7 years ago

The infamous Cult of Papa have been driving the community’s lore for over two years, and toward the end of their second major story arc the final remaining cultist made their final stand. The_Scarlet_Nymph told a tale of a woman robbed of her child, forced into slavery and impregnated with the Cult’s next Messiah. However tragedy yet again found her as the child wound up in the hands of helpful strangers and died. It is as sad and mournful a tale as any. Survivors from across the wasteland rushed to aid her, some rushed to hunt her – in the end, she took her own life. A war party of the few remaining Cult soldiers left a wake of destruction behind them in their pursuit of Scarlet, and were all but decimated before reaching her. All but one – the video below shows just how vicious these madmen can be when something has been taken from them.


Video courtesy of CamCantRun