The Hunting Season (Annual Event)


7 years ago

It’s that time of year again, time to attend DayZ Underground’s annual Hunting Season event. This event celebrates multiple aspects of our community, as well as in-game features, to provide a challenging and rewarding experience. Members are being asked to gather at the Altar radio tower, where they will split into groups and head off for an hour and a half long journey to bring back as much freshly hunted meat as possible. This is not, however, a “friendly” event! The Black Paw faction will be roaming the lands hunting the hunters!


Last year several group set out with fortune on their minds, but only one came back with fresh meat! General Crust & his team managed to find, kill, skin, flay, and return to the starting point with the only fresh meat gathered. Other groups opted to hunt down the Black Paw faction with hopes of a high score for hunting the most dangerous game. Below is a video of General Crust & his team’s perspective during the event.