Summer Showdown Highlights – September 1st


6 years ago

With the DayZ community in a weird spot in terms of game development, we at DayzUnderground have created several events in the month of August called Summer Showdown. Our latest Summer Showdown Events organized by community member Jallen took place both on Wednesday, 29 August and  on 1 September. There was plenty of action and interactions to be had this last weekend! Here are some of the highlights from the event.


Koschei, a member of the faction Cult of Papa on DayzUnderground, finds Redstar and Hybris of the Lucky Bastards in Stary Yar and provides another creepy and sad encounter. Thank you /u/StrategoiX and /u/Asynja78 for sharing your recording of the encounter!


We had the emergence of a new group on DayzUnderground, named the Knights of The Round Table who look to emulate King Arthur and his Knights right here in Chernarus! To read up more info, check out their group post here by /u/thatfuturekarkat



There were several military operations carried out by members of the United Nations and the Dusty Cowboys, two groups found on DayzUnderground. They aimed to fight off other DUG groups and destroy camps used by these groups, deeming them bandits or colluders. Some of these camps included ones in Stary Yar and near Green Mountain. To read up more on their operations, check out these links!

We are having great success with these weekend events and hope to see you other survivors at them too! Our latest event was this last Saturday, and it was a Capture the Barrel (Flag) event. Check back soon for a summary of who won!

Stay safe survivors!