Story: Be Weary of the Ways of the World by /u/LexanTexxan


6 years ago

This world is ugly, The people are ugly; The actions we take everyday to survive are often just as ugly. In the beginning it was just another Monday, little did he know what was in store. It didn’t take long before the fog rolled in from Svetlojarsk shrouding the town in a thick white haze. The breeze from below washed up the tower, causing the propane stove to flicker rapidly. The meal for today was unusual, a few pieces of chicken and leftover cow steaks from the recent trip out to the Severograd farmlands.


From his view Novodmitrosk appeared to be empty, only the dead and debris walk these streets. But an experienced hunter knows where to find his game when need be. Two hills over to the south the junkyard loomed on the horizon, this is where it will start.


Lex crept silently up to the external wall of the junkyard. Inside just two voices could be heard. One of them was speaking angrily. Before he could lean in for a gander automatic fire ensued, the sight brought water to his mouth. One man standing over another pilfering his belongings. The three 5.45 rounds pierced his legs dropping him instantly, when he rolled the last had caught his motorcycle helmet. Limb shots do the job. If Lex learned anything from hunting you always want to avoid the midsection due to the abdomen. Time was limited, the remnants of both men were hastily stuffed into his black drybag.


Heading out of the North gate a singeing pain came from his shoulders, blood began to run down his arm. Lex turned around to see 3 men in the once empty junkyard, one less than 20 yards away with an IZH43. Presumably what had hit him. With a broken arm and low spirits he hip fired, reloaded a magazine and ran for the closest house. All he remembered was falling over the rickety fence before the world went from gray to black.


Quite some time had passed.

Was this the Purgatory he had heard about as a Child?


The pain from his shoulders migrated to his chest, his eyes opened. Two things were in view, the clouds which he never once paid attention to and his savior. The man had already stripped him of his bag, rifling through it to find the saline. Not many in this world would save such a wretched soul. He left shortly after, obviously not wanting a conversation or explanation as to what had happened. Lex mustered up the last of his strength to pull himself down to the creek behind the house. The cool water soothed his wounds. Travel would be impossible, for today at least.