King of Northeast Airfield. May 19th 16:10 EST


6 years ago

EVENT NAME: King of Northeast Airfield

DATE/TIME: Saturday 19th May, 16:10 EST

LOCATION: Krasnostav and the surrounding area

DURATION: 90 minutes

OBJECTIVE: Competing teams will attempt to take and hold the Airport Terminal for the duration of the event. The last team remaining inside the Airport Terminal building (Note: the hanger/garage and the patio do not count as being inside the building) at the end of the 90 minutes is declared the winner.


-Team leaders should comment below with the name of the group/faction they are competing under, and the uniform or armband that they wish to use. Members of the team should reply to their leader’s comment to indicate their participation.

-Those interested in spectating should also leave a comment. Space for spectators and we will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

-Signups for referees will not be accepted at this time.


-Team will consist of 4-6 players each. Send your best!

-Teams should be composed of members of a group or faction. Independent teams are permitted, as long as they provide a suitable name and armband or uniform.

-Redshirting is allowed, and encouraged.

-Each team will wear either a unique armband or uniform, usually corresponding to their parent group/faction.

-Multiple accounts or running back to the event is strictly prohibited, and will result in disqualification. One life and you’re out.

-Once you are dead, you are welcome to tune into the referee stream, or any participant’s,but leave your teams Teamspeak/Discord channel and the server. There will be a viewer room in the private groups if you wish to chat with the dead, or if you want to go back to your own normal channels, this is also fine.

-The event will start on time, regardless of whether your whole team is ready. Make sure to leave plenty of time beforehand.

-Lastly, this event is for pride and enjoyment– no prizes are being offered at this time. Please refrain from any attempts to exploit loopholes in the rules out of respect for your fellow DUG members. If you are uncertain on the legality of a strategy, reach out to one of the referees to discuss.

-Please do not acknowledge the referees to a concerning degree, a friendly wiggle is fine, but we do not want to see someone staring at us.


-There will be an exclusion zone that teams will not be allowed to enter before the event begins- any teams/players found within this zone before 16:00 EST will be disqualified AND excluded from the next iteration of this event.

-Once the event commences, there will be a playzone that participants will not be permitted to leave for the duration of the event. The same rules apply for those caught infringing this regulation.

A server-wide ceasefire will be in place from the addition of the server password 30 minutes before the start until the start signal. Any violation of this ceasefire will result in disqualification and possible exclusion from further events.

-To claim the terminal building, an attacking team must breach the capture zone and then declare to the referee via VoIP that they are in control. At this point, unless an active defender also declares that they are in control, the attacking team captures the building, and the takeover is announced by the referees.

-In the case of two or more teams claiming the terminal building at the end of the 90 minute period, a sudden death scenario will ensue, in which the last team standing wins.

-There will be several referees in and above the compound wearing pink raincoats, no headgear and no pants for super mega ultra visibility. PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT OR IMPERSONATE THE REFEREES. It’s a dick move.

-In the interest of fair competition, the use of tents is prohibited.

All attachable suppressors are banned during the event, this does not include weapons that have a built in suppressor.

-Both the Start and end times and changing of hands for the capture zone will be announced via server messageand 87.7Khz. DO NOT enter the exclusion zone until the start has been called. Note: The server message is the official go

-The referees will film and observe the event, and their say will be final if there is no clear winner.

Finally: Due to circumstances I will be handling all the paperwork etc for this one, Cameron taking up support, so send any questions or comments my way,

Thanks for writing up the document and helping out with everything though Cameron.


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