What can be buried and persistence timers


9 months ago

What can you bury and for how long do crates, walls and other items stay persistent without interaction on DUG?

The persistence of items is handled by the “CLE”, short for “Central Loot Economy”. The CLE controls everything from spawning items to persistence and item cleanup and can be configured by server owners. DUG has tweaked a few persistence settings that control when items are cleaned up by the CLE, if they are not interacted with.

Interaction can be things like adding or removing camo net to fences, picking them up into your inventory and placing them again, interacting with items in their inventory or digging them up/in.

Here are the persistence timers for items on DUG

  • Corpses 10 minutes
  • Backpacks 6 hours
  • Notes 7 Days
  • Traps 7 Days
  • Base Radio 7 Days
  • Ammo Box 14 Days
  • Car (Any) 14 Days
  • Protector Case 14 Days
  • Underground Stash 14 Days
  • Wooden Crate 14 Days
  • Barrel 21 Days
  • Fence 21 Days
  • Sea Chest 21 Days
  • Tent (Any kind, pitched or packed) 21 Days
  • Book Case 21 Days
  • Watch Tower 21 Days

Keep in mind that almost all containers that can fit long rifles (drybags, large backpacks, crates, seachest) cannot be buried!

Items that can be buried and their inventory slots

  • Teddy Bears (6)
  • Medkit bags (9)
  • Cooking pots (12)
  • Protector cases (12)
  • Drysacks (20)
  • Ammo boxes (20)
  • Improvised boar courier bag (30)
  • Improvised boar backpack (42)