Happy Birthday DayzUnderground!


6 years ago

Four years and one day ago, /u/DrBigMoney and a few other DayZ community members created the private forum at /r/dayzunderground. Here is a copy of the text from the first post ever on our forum,


“WTF is this place and why am I here?”

Great question! Not sure if you’re aware, but a lot of us that were mods on /r/dayz have recently decided to part ways to take a shot at building a small tight knit community, one that is full of courteous, thoughtful, and pleasant posters we’ve seen around the community.

We will host our own servers once public hives, base building, and persistence becomes available. Once this happens, we’d love for everyone to post screens/vids of their experience on the sub. Our desire is to make this more of a community and not a bunch of throw up everywhere with participants spewing piss and vinegar on each other.

This will be a private sub. Meaning, if you have not been invited by then you cannot even view our sub. Now, if you know of quality posters that should be considered, by all means……bring that shit up!

We want YOU to help us. We’re going to open up the wiki to everyone so we can all make this place as best as it can possibly be. (food for thought, there are logs for who does what…..you write penis 20k times we’ll know who it was. 😉

What are your thoughts on this?


We are glad to be here four years later, and look forward to what lies ahead in the future, both for DUG and DayZ in general! Thank you to all that have made this place special, and we will see you in the Underground 🙂


The DayzUnderground Team