Fists of Gold Regional Fight Night – Division 2


6 years ago

I have once again been ordered by a nasty-looking gentleman with an AKM to inform you that the Golden Jackals will be hosting the second Regional Fight Night near the town of Krasnostav at 16:00 EST on Saturday the 27th of January, with the following groups in attendance:


Division 2
The Black Paw
New Chernarus Republic
Guardians of South Zagoria
Knights Of Christ


Participating groups and factions will be informed of the precise location privately via radio transmission.Those who wish to spectate should convene in or around the town of Krasnostav and wait to be escorted to the premises by a Jackal.

As the man with the AKM comments, “This division is a toss up. I will be putting my bets on Black Paw based on what I know. Fucking farmers only punch pumpkins.”

Any whitelisted member may attend this regional fight. Fighters and members of their groups get in free, and spectators looking to eye the competition or enjoy the entertainment must pay one box of high grade ammunition, as per usual for Jackal-hosted Fight Nights. Please check the Fists of Gold announcement for the rules and regulations of the fights.

At this time, the Jackals are still looking for medical professionals to assist with the fights, with the promise of payment to whoever is brave enough to volunteer. Applicants should contact Cameron Maine or one of the Jackals via Reddit or Teamspeak if they wish to assist.