Fill out a Ban Appeal


6 years ago

Provide us information and appeal a ban

All bans, except those issued for ban evasion, can be appealed.

  • Please provide us as much information and context through the form as possible. We will come to a solution based on what you give us there.
  • We appreciate honesty.
  • Ban appeals take time to complete. We ask that you remain patient. If you do not hear back from us via E-mail within two weeks, feel free to contact us through [email protected] again to inquire about the state of your appeal.

Please fill out your ban appeal through the ban appeal form.

How we handle bans

Permanent or temporary bans are issued after a ban report was created and archived. These ban reports follow a pre-set format and have to contain all relevant information and evidence. This can be in form of server logs, screenshots, videos or other formats that were part of the investigation. All server ban messages will contain a reason and date that links back to its ban report.

An impartial staff team is key to fair administration

Bans and appeals are handled by a dedicated team of the DUG staff, with years of experience in community leadership. Impartiality, experience, a cool head and a healthy dose of distance are key to effective and fair administration. If a staff member has any form of personal involvement or investment in an incident, he or she can only supply evidence or information. Participation when decisions are made will not be allowed. In some cases where the incident depends on policies instead of hard evidence, the dedicated team has to anynomize suspects and argue their case in front of the rest of the senior DUG staff.

Keeping privacy as high priority

When reports are investigated or concluded, we do not release personal information that will aid in identifying another player’s identity in game or out of game to anyone. Policy related issues are frequently handled by keeping suspects entirely anonymous. This way we can remove any potential bias and uphold impartiality.

A fair chance: all bans can be appealed

Mistakes happen, evidence can be misinterpreted. While we enforce all rules with confidence, we think it’s unfair to proclaim any and all staff decisions as final. All bans, except those issued for ban evasion, can be appealed.

To appeal a ban, please fill out the ban appeal form with all the required information.

Ban appeals may take multiple days to complete while we perform our investigation. We ask that you remain patient throughout the process. If you do not hear back from us via E-mail  within a week, feel free to contact us through [email protected] again to inquire about the state of your appeal.

Thank you.