DUG Memories – Community Contest Winners


5 years ago


A few days before the DayZ 1.0 release, we asked our community to share with us their favorite memory or story from DUG. We received 20+ entries and we appreciate everyone for sharing their stories with us! It was fun to watch and read about some of the encounters and experiences people have had on our server, and we hope to have many more with the 1.0 release too!

The three winners for our contest are /u/Ew0kLuKe, /u/killerwin, and /u/frog_squire.

These are their experiences and stories from the DayzUnderground server.


/u/EwOkLuKe – A new friend

One of my best moments: I was hiking down the railroad from Svergino to Cernaya Polana, heading to St Joe’s looking for a living soul to meet and eventually help. Naturally i always have my radio on and what was my surprise when i heard those exact words out of the blue:

“Mike is that you all in blue on the traintracks?”  Surprised, I stop for a second and look around for anyone watching me, no one to be seen.

“Yes I guess that’s me? I’m all the way North-east.”

“Stop and and turn, go back on your tracks and go to the lake, it’s John Stalvhern man, i’ll meet you there.”

At this point, I only knew of John because we talked a few times on the radio, he was one of those that always had it on as well, so we often ended talking to each other, but we had never met. Anyway I proceed to go back on my tracks and see the Black Paw’s Wolf John Stalvhern.

“Hey man, are you alright? I saw you on the train tracks you can’t go farther man.”

“Oh really? And why wouldn’t I? I’m still a free man.”

They have Ferox as hostage!

“There’s a bunch of Green Mountain Nomads 500m to a kilometer ahead, you are lucky they didn’t see you. They have Ferox as hostage (Wardens of the North, maybe it was another one? I’m not sure.), i’m hidden around to ambush them, I almost killed you!”

“Holy crap, well GMN’s leader has a thing for me, not sure why, but I’ll try to go ahead and negotiate before you ambush them.”

So I proceeded to go ahead and find those GMN that had a friend of mine hostage… I got met by a lot of animosity, they took all my weapons, put a bullet in my leg and just left me there while continuing to walk. But I was happy to be alive! Good thing their leader liked me back then, or I would’ve probably just been killed.

And that’s how I started having a friend in Black Paw. What I particularly liked is that I was just jogging around, radio on, then a guy sees me, contacts me over my radio, we meet, then the DankRP happens and all, you can’t really make it more organic or exciting than that in my opinion 😀


/u/killerwin – The Princess

My most memorable moment was when I got held up, robbed, and made to sing a Disney song. I had just logged in to a house at Myshkino town, then I heard some people nearby. I decided to go say hi like an idiot, then this happened…

To this day, I can’t show my face in Jonny’s stream without being called “princess” 😉

/u/Dethscythe and /u/TheRunningManZ y‘all scarred me for life ♥

/u/frog_squire – Not a book

Too many to count, man. DUG is DayZ for me.

That cookout at Black Lake was fun. Can’t remember who was pulling security because I was drunk out of my tree (had to be driven back home the next morning) but I know that I really enjoyed chatting with two of them.

Never a dull moment with Stoney. Everything from jogging around while blaring Slow Ride by Foghat on a whitelist night to getting accused of stealing tents after a heart-pounding stand off. Ran into Shakey and the boys once with him before those fellas formed the Saviors of Svetlo. Some stand up lads that later helped us out of trouble at St. Joe’s quite a few times. Ole Stoney saved my fanny more than once too. A smooth talker and an even better shot. I’d trust that guy with my last can of beans.

Every stressful trip I made to St. Joe’s from the Valleys past Gorka and through Black Paw territory. Felt like my number was up every time I had to run through there. No bathroom stops either. Yeah, let the Black Paw catch you whizzing on one of their trees.

That period of time when Tex, Dixie, and company had to get away from the heat of the far north by living in Mysta for a bit. Loved having those folks as neighbors.

The Battle of Rify where a ton of folks attempted to rescue Alexi from the clutches of evil doers. Some randoms ran through our ranks as we were all hiding and the ensuing confusion was some great nerve-wracking fun.

Wasn’t trying to write a book, but these are just off the top of my head. We’ve got some great times ahead folks!

Long live DUG!


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