DUG Media Kit – Custom Intros for your Content


5 years ago

Supporting our creative players with media assets for everyone

Custom video intros and logo files for your DUG content

Our players love sharing their experiences. Be it by telling their friends about their adventures, posting stories in our private forum or Discord, streaming on Twitch or recording videos for Youtube – we love seeing it all and want to support you as best as we can.

Therefore, we made custom DayzUnderground video intros for anyone to use, no matter the audience size of their channels. Add a unique element to your content recorded on the DayzUnderground server and showcase your community.

Through the Google Drive linked below, you’ll get to our Media Kit, where you can download the four video files:

  • Regular intro (18 seconds)
  • Shorter intro (8 seconds)
  • Greenscreened regular intro
  • Greenscreened shorter intro

All files have a resolution of 1080p with a bitrate of about 5 MB/s. The greenscreened versions can be keyed seamlessly over your content.

Video intro preview

We want to thank DrDeSync for re-mastering our old intro and rendering these new videos!

Download video intros and logos here:


Feel free to cut or otherwise edit the clips, we don’t want to restrict your creativity. We only ask that if you use these videos, please link our website (https://www.dayzunderground.com) in your video description with a short snippet saying the content was recorded on the DayzUnderground server.

We also provide variations of the DayzUnderground logo. Please use the “rough” versions if you use them in any other way than really small icons. Our font is Bebas Neue Bold.

A tip: Tag @DayzUnderground in your tweets so that we see your content and can re-tweet it to our large Twitter audience. We also love to share highlight content like videos or screenshots from you that were submitted in our Discord server in the #submit-content channel, through our website and other DUG social media channels, reaching even more people. We want to see you achieving your goals and our media team might be able to help you. Contact Merlin/ PurePassion on the DUG Discord to chat.

Thank you for playing on our server and spending your time with us. We are looking forward to your content!