DayzUnderground is now self-hosted with a new DayZ server


6 years ago

Switching from a gameserver provider to our own server box gives us more flexibility, control and opportunities

After many years with Multiplay Game Servers, we have finally moved over to our own self-hosted server box! We’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time and are excited to see all the benefits this will bring to our players. We now have a new DayZ server under our full control.

Before the release of the server files, DayZ servers could only be hosted by a select few companies that had a contract with Bohemia Interactive. While they brought with them a server control interface and support staff, we’ve achieved feature-parity or often even improved the previous setup with our own tools now.

However, being our own server support team also means there might be short periods where we’re not available for instant server support or updates since all of our team consists of adults with jobs and families. We do monitor our Discord and the help ticket system at all times, please use those channels for server support. We’ll be happy to help with any issues!

The new server setup

  • We have a new IP! Sort of. While the direct IP has changed to, you can still reach the server through the same custom IP redirect:
    If you look among the community server list, we still have the same server title of /r/DayZUnderground US
  • We are now hosted on the East Coast of the USA, instead of our previous home in Texas. This should improve ping for EU players while still providing the best ping for US-based players
  • Our Teamspeak 3 Server IP has changed as it’s now hosted on our own box as well, but should still contain all the same icons and channels you remember.
    The new direct IP is but you can also reach it through

Naturally, we’re keeping our  60 slot DayZ server 100% 1PP-only with a reduced HUD and no cross-hair and we still have our own private master hive. The server continues to run a night cycle with 4x acceleration. Thanks to the new hosting environment, we can easily add more server instances or setups for custom events. To test stuff before we release it to the main server, we have a second private test server.

To ensure persistence works as good as the current game version allows it, we’re shutting down the server gracefully at all times and perform daily persistence backups with fallback versioning to make sure that our players get to keep their camps in the case of serious issues.

We are currently trialling a 100% uptime, meaning there are no scheduled restarts. We’re keeping a close eye on server fps and persistence and will deploy changes where necessary.

On our new server, we’re performing daily persistence backups and testing a 100% uptime without restarts.


We do plan to implement mods in the near future that enrich our 1PP hardcore experience but for now, the server is vanilla.

We want to make sure the experience for our players is as frictionless as possible and want to see DayZ’s modding implementation mature so that installing and loading the required mods is a smooth and fully automated experience. Currently it’d be a guessing game for players to load all the required mods and keep them on the same version as the server. Nevertheless, we’re confident DayZ will provide improvements in this regard and at least match what Arma 3 offers. We are certainly looking forward to installing the first mods.

For more information on our vision for the future in terms of  mods, please check our forum post here.

A special thanks is in order for our dedicated server team, Ammo and Diesel in particular, who worked tirelessly to set up, test, tweak and maintain the entire new hosting environment. You guys rock!

We wish all survivors a ton of fun and great adventures in the new Underground!