DayZ Status Report Highlights – 25 September


6 years ago

New DayZ Status Report updates us on the second DayZ 0.63 content patch

We are excited to see so many players on DayzUnderground who are sharing stories and media about your stories of survival, be it on our DayzUnderground Discord, or tweeting at the DUG Twitter account. As usual, we’re back with the latest DayZ Status Report summary. This time, the developers are focusing on the contents for the second content patch for DayZ 0.63.


The team is enjoying the feedback they are getting about the patch and are aware of the many bugs and issues going on with the latest .63 EXP build. Work is continuing on the next patch for DayZ, and the next content update to the Stress Test branch will be considered an Experimental BETA! This patch will include the addition of some vehicles and base building mechanics, which is very exciting as the community has been longing for vehicles to come back and to dive into creating bases on our server. As Eugen mentions, the patch will be first put to Stress Test and then pushed over to the Experimental branch like the previous content patch, and from there to the Xbox version of the game. For more information about content to be added, Eugen suggests checking out interviews from M1ndr and BarelyInfected that go into detail about the future of DayZ.


There are various features and bugs the team is working on, including:

  • a new system for bone damage that analyzes 20 bones or less instead of the current entire skeleton (~200) which should help with AI optimization.
  • One serious bug on vehicle physics regarding the gear box makes it difficult for them to drive uphill
  • Improved the networking of vehicles and the 3rd person camera while driving/riding.
  • a rework to the input system so additional actions can be made
  • AI spawns on servers with offline DB bugs


The dev team has been working on a lot of new animations for vehicles, and even did a short motion capture session to fix older animations/create small newer ones. Some of these include steering, shifting gears, turning lights on and off, and pushing the pedals. Also, there are many new things and improvements done on the player animation graph side; a big example being light in game from flashlights and torches. Now, the light should be shining ahead of you and working properly once implemented in game.


The audio team continues to work on updating and creating a new range of audio sounds. Some of the things they have been working on include:

  • new rain sounds for tarmac, tile and wooden roof surfaces
  • updated the rain sounds for trees and bushes
  • updated the leave rustling sounds for bushes
  • new sounds for the “empty vessel” and “pour liquid” action (pouring water onto the ground or into another vessel)
  • sounds for jump and landing animations
  • new sounds for various items for pick into hands action
  • new sounds for carrying weapons on your shoulder
  • infected play different footsteps (bare feet, sneakers, boots) according to what they are wearing
  • new sounds for eating fruit, cereals and taking pills

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