Clash at the Castle Event


7 years ago

The rebellion grew and now the king must fall! DUG’s next event: Clash at the Castle.

The blades are sharpened and torches lit. The villagers of South Zagoria are surrounding Devil’s Castle and are determined to breach through the fortifications, no matter the cost. Prepared for a bloody fight, the knights atop the castle walls will defend their king down to the last man. Deafening screams erupt as the crowd starts charging towards the knights.


On Saturday, May 13th at 3PM EDT we will host our next community event on the DayzUnderground US server.
Clash at the Castle is a medieval-styled event with PvP and organicRP aspects. Participants will be divided into two opposing teams. At Devil’s Castle, the villagers led by their Rebellion Leader will be clashing with knights who fight to defend their King. The villagers have to capture the King inside the castle, while the knights will try to kill all attackers.


Event Signups have opened

DUG’s events such as the Hunting Season, Prison Break or Black Mass are only accessible to community members. Submit your application, join the community and participate.

Members can reserve their participation slots by commenting in the event thread in our private forum. Do you think you have what it takes to be the leader of either side? In your signup comment, tell the community why you would be the best candidate. The community will choose the King and Rebellion Leader!


Event rules and checklist for participants

The more authentic your behavior and outfit, the more fun this event and spectacle will be! Here are the event rules and guidelines and a checklist for all members who have reserved their slot through our private forum.


No firearms or explosives of any kind can be used. Villagers and knights should be distinguishable. Villagers are asked to wear earthy colors (greens, browns, grey, blue, leather) and bring melee weapons and bows. Knights will all be wearing knight helmets and should be dressed in black and/or grey clothing.

More details and guidelines will be given to you in the event briefing through Teamspeak before the event starts. All participants must be present both in Teamspeak and the vicinity of Devil’s Castle 30 minutes before the event begins at 3PM EDT

  • Before the Event:
  • Make sure you commented in the private DUG forum event thread to reserve your slot
  • Gather melee weapons and appropriate clothing
  • Situate yourself in the vicinity of Devil’s Castle.


  • On Event Day (May 13th):
  • Do I have appropriate melee weapons on my character?
  • Is my character wearing appropriate clothing?
  • Is my character close to Devil’s Castle or Grishino?
  • Be ready and join the DUG Teamspeak before 2:30 PM EDT
  • Listen to the event briefing in Teamspeak

The more authentic, the better! With some very specific exceptions, you should arrive with weapons, clothing and gear that isn’t too out of place. Here are some guidelines as to what kinds of stuff you should and shouldn’t bring to the event.

If you are playing the part of the villager, you probably shouldn’t be decked out in high class military loot, such as plate carriers and kevlar helmets. Try to follow these recommendations

  • Time period melee weapons (No guns, chainsaws, explosives, or stun batons). We recommend items like pickaxes, baseball bats, spears and machetes!
  • You’re a villager, not a one man vault. Show up in simple clothing with minimal military style garb.
  • Bows and crossbows are ok! Holo-sights and composite arrows, probably aren’t.

Knights, Lords and Ladies! Dress to impress and dress for combat, but keep the time period in mind.

  • Knight helmets, swords, maces, bows and arrows are all fine! Showing up for battle wearing a plate carrier and a ballistic helmet is overpowered.
  • The nobility shares the same restrictions to items that the villagers have, except you don’t have to stick to earthy colors.

Please leave your smoke grenades, torches, and any other heavy particle effect items at home! We want everyone to have a smooth experience with minimal disruption from lag causing effects.

We will have minimal storage at the event zone. Do not expect to have your equipment stored on site. If you have any questions about what you should or shouldn’t bring, feel free to ask on our event announcement post in our private forum!

We wish you a great time and a lot of fun! If you should encounter any Rabbits, evade them immediately!