Arkensor and DUG Release Cassette Player Mod


5 years ago

You can now find a working cassette player and various tapes in DayzUnderground

The true beauty of music is that it connects people.

In the next¬†DayzUnderground mod update¬†on Saturday July 13th, we are releasing a fully working cassette player in cooperation with our good friend Arkensor, the creator of the “Hype Train“, “Community Offline Mode” mod and co-author of “Community Online Tools” and many more amazing mods and frameworks.

Our first release will bring our players a fully working cassette player and various cassette tapes with a selection of music and community created content.

Watch the release trailer

player and cassette overviewThe cassette player needs a battery to run and has a small inventory footprint. You can press play and stop and exchange tapes. Our first release comes with a selection of music and tapes created by our community, giving you a small peek into the depth of stories and interactions on the DayzUnderground server. Each cassette has a description of its content.

Have your own story featured on a cassette tape!

Before the release, we gave our community the opportunity to submit their content and you’ll now find recordings and broadcasts by DayzUnderground members on the server.

You can submit your unique recording or idea as well and we might feature it on the mod and share it with thousands of players. Please keep all content copyright free and around 3-4 minutes in length. Stories should be somewhat timeless and relevant/interesting to other players.

Please keep your recording somewhat clean, we will add special effects to it ourselves. if possible, convert it to .ogg format.

You can share your idea or recording in the #share-content channel in the DayzUnderground Discord.

Public release coming later

At a later time, we will also release the mod to the public, through the Steam Workshop. Other server owners will have the ability to add their own tapes.

We will share news on the public release when ready.

We hope you will enjoy this new tool!

Stay safe out there

The DayzUnderground Team