DayZ 0.62 Summer Showdown Event – August 11th


6 years ago

It’s a Summer Showdown in the Underground – Join the Event!

The heat is on: The DUG community is coming together on Saturday, August 11th at 16:00 EST to celebrate the end of the 0.62 branch and everyone is invited to join!

The usual server schedule, which whitelists the server for three periods during the week, will be changed to open our DayZ first-person only server with crosshairs disabled to any survivors wanting to join the fun. While the 0.62 stable branch will hopefully soon be replaced with the smoother 0.63 EXP branch, 0.62 stable currently still offers much more content and opportunities for exciting gameplay. We’ll enjoy those one more time!

It’s a showdown! Be cautious: Multiple cannibals are out on the hunt, looking for fresh meat.

The Event is open for all – meet old friends and new survivors

Stop by some of the community camp locations or sanctuaries when you’re looking for survivors and tune into the standard radio frequency to establish first contact and find out who else is out there.

The DayzUnderground Teamspeak with the IP will also be a great place to meet people.

Thanks to community member Marauder Hox for the idea and initiative. He has created a thread in DUG’s private subreddit forum where members who are looking forward to the event have signed up for it.

Stay safe out there and enjoy your time!

The DayzUnderground Team

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