DayZ 0.62 Summer Showdown Event II – August 18th


6 years ago

Summer Showdown Part Two – Join the Event!

Last week’s Summer Showdown was so much fun and brought the server up to high-pop – we’re doing it again, this time organized by community member Jallen! The DUG community is coming together on Saturday, August 18th at 16:00 EST to celebrate the end of the 0.62 branch and everyone is invited to join!

The usual server schedule, which whitelists the server for three periods during the week, will be changed to open our DayZ first-person only server with crosshairs disabled to any survivors wanting to join the fun. While the 0.62 stable branch will hopefully soon be replaced with the smoother 0.63 EXP branch, 0.62 stable currently still offers much more content and opportunities for exciting gameplay. We’ll enjoy those one more time!

The Event is open for all – meet old friends and new survivors

Stop by some of the community camp locations or sanctuaries when you’re looking for survivors and tune into the standard radio frequency to establish first contact and find out who else is out there.

Last week, Gorka was under the deadly grip of the cannibal faction Dark As Midnight, aka DAMN.

Community member Aldewin remembers: “I parked my V3s in the woods near the gas station outside of gorka before scouting the town for an easy 15 minutes with a winchester, only seeing two men in black in the police station ever so often. I decided to enter the town and rushed into a piano house. Suddenly, I was surrounded by multiple people, I must have missed them.”

They gave me two options, to go outside with my hands up or they’d come in.

“I panicked and aimed at the stairs, waiting for them to come up, only to be met by two voices that sounded like pure evil, they gave me two options, to go outside with my hands up or they’d come in. I surrendered and they led me to the church in Gorka, we spoke for sometime and I even asked if I could join them, which they answered with more questions. I thought they’d just execute me there, they had me keep my hands up at all times. After some talking I found out it was indeed DAMN who I was being questioned by.

They brought out a revolver and suggested a round of russian roulette. I complied and they went first, then I did, rinse and repeat. Finally they began laughing. The revolver was never loaded, they were testing me. They gave me a blood red armband and said to find them some other time with a black armband… or they’d find me. They shouted at me to get out of Gorka before unloading a whole magazine into the ceiling of the building. I ran as fast as I could.”

The DayzUnderground Teamspeak with the IP will also be a great place to meet people.

The new thread in our private forum can be found here.

Stay safe out there and enjoy your time!

The DayzUnderground Team

If you value your life – Stay out of Gorka!