Chernarus Defense Forces – Groups and Factions


6 years ago

A military force hoping to bring order to the apocalypse

Sometime before the infection, the country of Chernarus was plagued by a civil war between the Chernarussian government and the rebellious Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. The Republic of Chernarus was defended by the Chernarussian Defense Forces, and on DayzUnderground they continue their mission of restoring the Republic through force.

“In the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood of nations of the Fatherland, we swear to fight for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Chernarus.”

The Chernarus Defense Forces emblem

Besides claiming the land again for the Republic, their other goals include eradicating the infection that has plagued the land and removing foreign governments from occupation. This has put the group at odds with some other groups on DayzUnderground, but no one said survival in Chernarus was going to be easy! They also take a unique approach to leadership and the threat they are to other groups, as explained here:

“The real threat the CDF poses to the status quo of DUG is what happens when a soldier finally rises to a senior rank and calls the shots with absolute control. Currently, Vadim’s leadership has largely been perceived as righteous, but this could be subject to change at any moment should he die or somebody else assumes command…”

They are a PvP focused group with a small element of light and often humorous RP, but their members do write up stories, combat reports, and interact with their fellow community members regularly too.

The CDF Territory

Currently, the group occupies the southeastern portion of the map, including the popular towns of Elektrozavodsk and Staroye. You can typically find them in military clothing and helmets/green berets, carrying weapons such as the AKM and the SVD. To find more information, read their handbook here or check them out on Discord.

The Chernarussian Defence Forces want a return to the Republic, but only time will tell if they succeed in their long term goals here on DayzUnderground.

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