Capture the Barrel 28th April 4PM EST


6 years ago


Vybor/Stary Capture the Flag


April 28th, 16:00 EST


Vybor, Stary Sobor and the surrounding area


90 minutes


Competing teams will attempt to take and control the opposing team’s barrel while simultaneously protecting their own. The first team to take full control of both barrels and return them to their designated capture zone is declared the winner.


-The event will be composed of two teams, each totalling an absolute maximum of 20 players.

-Signups will be conducted on both an individual and group basis. The referees will make every attempt possible to place players who sign up as a group (maximum of 5) in the same team.

-Due to their size, teams will be encouraged to split into several smaller squads, with squad leaders communicating with each other using teamspeak whisper lists or ingame radio.

-Signups will close and teams will be announced on Wednesday the 25th of April.

-Requests for referee and spectator positions will not be considered for this event.


-Each team will wear a corresponding blue or red hiking jacket AND armband. Hiking jackets will be supplied.

-Multiple accounts or running back to the event is strictly prohibited, and will result in disqualification. One life and you’re out.

-The event will start on timeregardless of whether your whole team is ready. Make sure to leave plenty of time beforehand.

-lastly, and I cannot stress this enough – this event is for pride and enjoyment– no prizes are being offered at this time. Please refrain from any attempts to exploit loopholes in the rules out of respect for your fellow DUG members.


-Each team will start within or in direct contact with (touching) the supermarket capture zone in their respective town. Any player found outside of their respective capture zone before 16:00 EST will be disqualified AND potentially excluded from further events.

-Any player who is late to the event must inform the referees and tag (touch) their respective capture zone before joining the event.

-Teams may set up in any location within or in contact with their respective grocery store capture zone at any time they please before the event begins. A server-wide ceasefire will be in place from the addition of the server password 30 minutes before the start, up until the start signal. Any violation of this ceasefire will result in disqualification, and possible exclusion from further events.

-The two “flags” will be in the form of barrels, with their colour corresponding to the team that owns them. Once these barrels are within your capture zone they count as owned by you.

-The barrels will be kept in a specific spot within the corresponding capture zone in each town. Teams are NOT allowed to purposefully move or relocate their own barrel to anywhere that is not the location that it was initially placed in by the referees. If you are returning your barrel after recapturing it, it MUST be returned to the spot in which it was initially placed.

-There are no formalities to how a team may capture the opposing team’s barrel- they must simply pick it up and take it directly to within their own capture zone. Teams are NOT allowed to purposefully move the opponent’s barrel to anywhere that is not their own capture zone.

-The first team to obtain and place both their own barrel and that of the opposing team within their supermarket capture zone will immediately be declared the winner.

-There will be one referee in each capture zone wearing pink raincoats, no headgear and no pants for super mega ultra visibility. PLEASE DO NOT IMPERSONATE THE REFEREES. It’s a dick move.

-The VYBOR INDUSTRIAL SMOKE STACK is OUT OF BOUNDS for use by the referees. DO NOT under any circumstances climb up the smoke stack. DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES shoot players on the smoke stack, as they will all be referees.

-In the interest of fair competition, tents and cars are prohibited.

-In the interest of fair competition, using ANY items or objects to block entrances to buildings is prohibited.

-Start and end times will be announced both via server message and 87.8Khz.

-When a barrel leaves or enters its corresponding capture zone, both a server message and referees on 87.8Khz will announce the change in ownership.

-In the case of no team being able to obtain control of both barrels by the end of the 90 minute period, a cease fire will be called and the event will be decided by Russian RouletteNOTE: This is more for fun than for an actual result, and if nobody wishes to take part it will not happen.

Whitelisted members can sign up here in the thread of the event organizer Jallen: