Bug Workaround – Barbed Wire


5 years ago

Another DayZ patch, another round of bugs!

With new patches to DayZ come a new round of bugs that DayZ communities should report to the feedback tracker as we wait for the developers to fix them. One of these bugs has to do with barbed wire found in game, and we have come up with a temporary solution regarding this issue.

In the current 1.03 patch, barbed wire placed without metal wire is not removable from fences, which makes base raiding near-impossible. How can you tell your fence is bugged? Improper barbed wire will be rolled up on the ground outside of the fence and pliers will not bring up a prompt to un-mount. Properly placed barbed wire will look “normal” on the outside wall.

We don’t want to see dozens of bugged-out bases with this new patch, so we have come up with these minor solutions until it is fixed by the DayZ Devs:

  • We are removing ALL barbed wire from the Central Economy – no more barbed wire will spawn on DUG servers as of 15 May 2019 until this bug is fixed.
  • If you CURRENTLY have barbed wire on your fences, you can fix your fences by adding Metal Wire to the fence. If you are a base raider, or cannot find wire in game, please report it to us using our help desk. This goes for both base owners and raiders; although we would prefer owners to report first.
  • If you have barbed wire stored in persistent storage/on your person, you can still use the barbed wire you have, but you MUST place Metal Wire on the fence for this bug fix to work.

Thank you for being patient with us, and we hope to see a fix to this from the devs soon!