Adding Purple Manatee To The Mod Staff


7 years ago

Hello ladies and gentlemen, AceWhittles here to deliver some exciting news from the DayZ Underground team. A while back we brought in a few community members to aid with simple tasks around the servers and main community hub, our Subreddit. While each of them has proven to be an invaluable addition one in particular has stood out. He’s taken it upon himself to assume an ever-surmounting pile of responsibility and will drop anything he’s doing to assist a Staff member in need – of course, I’m talking about everyone’s friend Purple_Manatee (or Jari, if you’re more familiar with him). Not only has he been an upstanding member of our community but also a pillar of reason, a source of inspiration, and friend who is quick with a joke or words of wisdom. It is a great honor to welcome him into the circle of community leaders that continuously sacrifice personal time to ensuring the smooth operation of everything related to DayZ Underground.


Purple_Manatee is responsible for several memorable characters (Friar Joseph, Jarilo, THE_SEAHOUND) on top of the formation of his group The Guardians (which went on to achieve full Faction status), all while beginning his “official” duties in the community by maintaining the Subreddit Wiki and developing a Timeline of notable events within our community’s lore. Eventually we asked him to join our staff to help manage issues with players on our TeamSpeak3 server, which quickly snowballed to having him help with processing the ever growing stack of membership applications.


We are very proud to welcome him as a fully privileged member of the Moderation team. Thank you for all of your hard work, man!