A Departure to the Unknown


6 years ago

Part 1: Prologue – The Departure

This story was written by SevRoks in the DUG forum.

Calm was the wind, much like the sea that morning. The occasional seagull cry interrupted the steady sound of dock bells and tired waves. The clobbering of boots on the aged dock disrupted the peace.

“Aid supplies on the port, food water on the starboard! Watch your step, we only have so much!” a hearty voiced commanded. Men dressed from top to sole in bright public service colors marched along the deck like ants in a file.

Arms full of crates marked with the stencil¬†“Emergency Relief Brigade United Nations”¬†made their way onto the deck of an well-loved deep sea fishing vessel.

“How many days at sea on this thing?” One of the carriers exasperatedly asked his to-be crew mates. “Nine.” Someone responded with a chuckle. “She’s served me for thirty years mate! Made the journey from down under four times now. She’ll keep you above the swells I can count on that! Just don’t be leaning too far over the side.” An elderly man chuckled, emerging onto the upper deck balcony from the bridge.

“Well when you put it that way, I’m sure she’ll do great!” Retorted the original man with a facade of optimism. The brightly dressed men continued their march, filing up and down the docks to the ring of the bells. “Thirty minutes! Keep it coming! Pack in as much as we can!” The commanding voice proclaimed.

The elderly man gazed onto the workers from above, a silent pleased air about him as he appreciated the work that was being done. A frail smirk grew across his face before he gingerly pushed himself up from the railing he leaned against. Back inside the cabin he glided, an awfully swift step for a man of his age and profession.

In faded white text the upper left of the map read “South Zagoria”.

He peered out the front glass for a moment at his vessel before fixing his eyes to the console. A map he studied. The topography was green and rigid, not unlike that of east Australia.

In faded white text the upper left of the map read “South Zagoria”.

To be continued…

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