Official Factions of DayzUnderground


While everyone can start a group and leave their mark throughout the community and get featured on e.g. the territory map, official faction status is awarded to groups that meet specific faction requirements and have proven themselves as significant contributors of the community.

Factions are the source for much of the lore driven here on our server. They interact in unique ways and create stories to tell and for others to take part. They receive custom armbands in-game.


Groups of DayzUnderground

Here is a list of groups on DayzUnderground, partially current as of October 2023. For more information on them, check out their Teamspeak channels or the wiki on our private Reddit forum.

The 506th – A neutral group that has preserves the safe haven in Zeleno and aim to eradicate all those who would eat another human being.

Bizarre Carnival – A one-of-a-kind group that defies all conventions and expectations. Comprised of a motley crew of clowns and crazies, they are a living, breathing spectacle of mayhem and destruction, like no other in Chernarus.

Black Sheep – A chaotic good group that seeks to help those that cannot easily defend themselves and help those that are in need of assistance. Black Sheep will generally keep to themselves but will however help those in need if warranted.

The Boys of Brena – The BoBs are first and foremost residents of New Brena, each fulfilling different roles in the community. In addition, as a group they provide the structures necessary to build, manage, and defend the nation.

Cult of Papa – They lurk around every corner and in every shadow. Some say they take you in the night, and others say even in broad daylight.

Dark as Midnight – DAMN are an apocalypse gang in every sense of the phrase. People liken them to a cult or simply mindless cannibals, but neither are true.

The Fireflies – They make the area of South Zagoria safer for everyone, to quell the banditry and chaos of these lands and to stand up against all evil wrongdoers we encounter.

Forsaken Loyalists – The remnants of the old Forsaken Motorcycle Club that evaded slaughter by the Cult of Papa; formed of members who believed in the older codes and ethics within the club. They believe that survival of the group outweighs that of outsiders, but do not believe in senseless slaughter.

Golden Peppers – Originating as a guild for hire, they found that there was more to life than working for others. Having a shared kinship amongst one another is more reward than any paid sum and their focus centers on supporting themselves, serving their interests, and keeping a watchful eye over the Pavlovo region. 

The Lost Legion – The Lost Legion wishes to intervene and prevent the rapid decay of South Zagoria, as years of conflict and deterioration have left little foundation for any true growth to occur. Although with a more reserved approach than their predecessor group, they intend to pass the torch of peace and material sustainability forward into the future by giving support to those in need, and standing against those who contribute to the land’s stagnation.

The Masquerade – A loosely allied band of drug fiends, psychopaths and sadists. As they were once lower-class members of society, they realized the pointlessness of trying to uphold pre-infection morality, now viewing the apocalypse as their own playground which they lord over as the self-appointed highest class of humanity.

The Merrymen – A community that has each other and their allies back. They hope to create a camp that will last for generations of travelers to come and spread their stories.

The NFA – They provide Northwest Airfield with a bit more unpredictability. Claiming it as their own, they watch over the airbase and kill any who enter, yet encourage any of those willing to come within their borders with guns drawn.

Odyssey – They believe the North should stand for something; it should be representative of ideals larger than themselves. Their goal is to create and preserve a benevolent atmosphere in the Central-North region, as well as help prop up other friendly communities around Chernarus. 

Order of the Isle – Comprised of survivors who wish to rebuild from the apocalypse on the somewhat safe and secluded island of Skalisity. Here they worship their own god who they believe protects them and provides life to the remainders of humanity.

Outrider Caravan Company – The Outrider Caravan Company (ORCC) are a group of traders and those who would keep them safe, working to answer the growing need for commerce in the Southwest as well as establish a proper network for traders across South Zagoria.

The Reapers – They are a brotherhood, through and through, all equal in their curse. Lead by their instinct and drive to survive, they serve. Always striving to return the lost souls to their Mistress.

Torchwood – A group of religious fanatics, hellbent on saving the world and the people in it, ensuring that Chernarus is safe for all. They aggressively spread their religion of The Light, in hopes of converting the blind and saving the world by any means necessary.

The Wizards – A group of individuals who firmly believe they are of a higher power. Not in the sense of divinity – but of an ancient dark magic. Some of them claim to have been alive for hundreds of years. Convinced that the world has another apocalypse on the way.

Wolves of Selene – They follow the Moon Goddess’ will and bring light to this dark landscape.
To share Selene’s love, passion, and spirituality with all who will share in her.