Official Factions of DayzUnderground

The Dugout – They strive to provide a “safe” place for survivors by helping anyone who decides to enter their territory. With their motto “Take what you need, leave what you don’t”, they host a donation-funded community camp that just about anyone is allowed to visit, trade at and share stories with Employee’s of the Dugout.

The Black Cross – Through its strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, the Black Cross is always there in times of need. They aspire to turn compassion into action so that all people affected by disaster across the country and around the world receive care, shelter and hope.

The 506 – A chaotic good faction that has created the Western Free State and punishes those who would bring evil to their home.

Dark as Midnight – DAMN are an apocalypse gang in every sense of the phrase. People liken them to a cult or simply mindless cannibals, but neither are true.

The Carnival – A band of strange and psychotic clowns just trying to get by and have a good time in the end of days. They view order and society as the downfall of man and seek to rewrite the world using fear.

Serdtse Volka – A mysterious splinter group of the old Black Paw that believe in stronger isolationism and walking the line of good and evil.

The Black Sheep – A chaotic good group that seeks to help those that cannot easily defend themselves and help those that are in need of assistance. They will generally keep to themselves but will help those in need if warranted.

While everyone can start a group and leave their mark throughout the community and get featured on e.g. the territory map, official faction status is awarded to groups that meet specific faction requirements and have proven themselves as significant contributors of the community.

Factions are the source for much of the lore driven here on our server. They interact in unique ways and create stories to tell and for others to take part. They receive custom armbands in-game.


Groups of DayzUnderground

Here is a list of groups on DayzUnderground, current as of May 2020. For more information on them, check out their Teamspeak channels or the wiki on our private Reddit forum.


The Bards – Curators of lore, lovers of story and above all else keepers of knowledge.  Bards come from all walks of life, performers, artisans, historians, entertainers, musicians, artists, storytellers and listeners.  No matter the medium of their work, Bards collect and curate knowledge for the sake of preservation. Bards are truly neutral, and eschew any participation in politics beyond conveyance of messages between parties.  They are sworn by oath, to keep information confidential until otherwise declared by affiliated parties.

The Flock – Intending to remain true to the principle of neutrality and devotion to an ideal, The Flock will call none an ally but are willing to maintain healthy relationships with lone survivors and groups of whom they share similar views with.

The Islanders – Individuals first and foremost, who make their own rules. Value your liberty or have it taken from you. They avoid the authority of others, resent restrictions, and challenge the status quo. They are not out to intentionally disrupt the order of things as part of some chaotic agenda, at least not without good reason. Are they ultimate free spirits, or just anarchists? It can go either way.

The Kingdom – They are a monarchy where The King’s word is law, and disrespecting The King will not be tolerated. His Majesty hails from the family that built the castles that dot Chernaurus. The Kingdom works to provide a safe place for people to rest, eat, drink and be social. Their members cut down crime, corruption, and other injustices to protect their lands and property from those that would take it from them.

Lucky Bastards – True neutral seamen who shipwrecked at the Rify Cliffside, now founding themselves a new home in Stary Yar.

The Scribes – A neutral evil group that was sent to a small Western Russian territory known as South Zagoria, to gather material goods and information under the guise of “Technology”, which can be considered anything that uses a battery in any shape or form, in hopes to keep the technology out of the wrong hands as an effort to prevent another major catastrophe that previously plunged the land into chaos and eventually rebuild their technological paradise.

Torchwood – Torchwood save the weak, making them strong. They provide for, and defend their faith through contracting work, cleansing the world of sinners; the weak, the cattle, the unworthy and convert wayward survivors to their cause.

The PTU – A neutral trading group focused on the exchange of supplies and loot with many different groups, factions, and survivors.