Factions are the source for much of the lore driven here on our servers. They interact in unique ways, create stories to tell or for others to take part, and are the official “groups” of the server as a result. We also have many different unofficial groups on DayzUnderground, and although they have less “official” status they are often a driving force for interaction and storytelling. Below are a list of our Factions and Groups. To find more information on groups, check out some of their bios on the Teamspeak server; or on our subreddit wiki for more in depth info. 


Pavlovo Trade Union

A neutral trading group focused on the exchange of supplies and loot with many different groups, factions, and survivors. They are primarily based in and around Pavlovo.

The Cult of Papa

An evil group of survivors that are focused on roleplay and story telling. They claim no land, but wish for all of Chernarus to worship their deity Papa…at any cost.

Dark as Midnight

An evil apocalyptic gang focused on keeping the place in anarchy and doing whatever necessary to protect their haven of Gorka and the surrounding area.




Wardens of the North

A neutral good group made up of two former factions (The Guardians and the Fire Keepers) who have set out to rekindle society in the Northeastern region of South Zagoria.



Here is a list of groups on DayzUnderground, current as of January 2018. For more information on them, check out their Teamspeak channels or the wiki on our Reddit forum.

The 506A group of freedom fighters who believe in a better future through freedom rather than the shackles of the government of old.

The Black Sheep – a friendly group that helps passerby’s in Guglovo and defend their town.

The CarnivalA band of strange and psychotic clowns just trying to get by and have a good time in the end of days.

Chernarus Daily – a news organization that interviews factions, groups, and individuals across the map.

Chernarussian Defense Force –  an organized military unit consisting of surviving personnel from the 4/3rd Regiment of the Chernarussian Army.

The Dusty Cowboys – a group of rugged individualists, intrepid traders and skilled survivalists that value tradition, home, and above all else: their fellow cowboys.

The Golden Jackals – group dedicated to arms dealing/outfitting, fixing vehicles, and hosting fight club events.

The Knights of the Round Table – a lawful good group that wishes to help the survivors of the land by vanquishing evil and providing charity to all that need it.

The Lucky Bastards – a neutral sea-faring group looking to acquire a ship and find their captain while maintaining their own inland camps.

Rangers Chernarus – a neutral evil group of bandits driven by greed and attaining all they desire based out of Zub Castle.

The Scribes – a chaotic neutral group that strives to collect information and technology.

Serdtse Volka – a mysterious splinter group of Black Paw that believe in stronger isolationism and walking the line of good and evil.

Shield – a group of survivors set out to protect the good left in South Zagoria and destroy the evil that infests it.

Zagoria Emergency Medical Association – a group dedicated to providing medical assistance to the survivors of South Zagoria.