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The Story of John – Cinematic Gameplay


LOCATION: South Zagoria, Chernarus

OVERVIEW: The following is classified ОВ level of secrecy under the Foreign Intelligence Service of the federal government.

The following is a redacted version of uncovered footage to be released to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health as per government mandate for research and intelligence purposes. Civilian footage on the biological incident in the South Zagoria province of Chernarus was uncovered by REDACTED, under the command of the Foreign Intelligence Service & Main Intelligence Directorate.

Operation stems from a security breach originating in REDACTED. Operation involved nine civilian journalists trespassing into a Military Exclusion Zone.

Their bodies were uncovered on REDACTED. Approximately 16 hours since incident per the coroner’s report. Civilian, denoted Individual 426F77 is shown along with their interactions with other survivors, A psychological profile of Individual 426F77 and individual 4DB9636B is enclosed in the supplementary package.

ADDENDUM: Direct orders from the Ministry of Health and the Federal Government mandate an air exclusion zone over Chernarus and infantry-imposed quarantine within 5 km of any major roadway and surrounding environs. Any remaining civilians of Chernarus not rescued by government relief are assumed to be deceased.