Forget everything you’ve learned about roleplay in DayZ

Organic Roleplay means: No rules that force playstyle. Every interaction and every threat is real.

DayZ is a game that thrives off of the unknown danger and interactions between people. It keeps you on edge because you never know what to expect.

When we founded DUG, we felt the traditional RP mindset was actually in conflict with the core elements that make DayZ exciting. In particular rules like “No KOS” completely remove an important part of the game – unpredictable player interactions.

By only encouraging our players to interact with one another and to create stories, we keep the sandbox element of DayZ fully intact. There are no artificial rules that force you to interact in a certain way or even roleplay in the first place.

Every encounter will be unpredictable, all friendly interactions are genuine and stories are created naturally.

This is the basis for what we started to call “Organic Roleplay”.

Dayzunderground redefined roleplay in DayZ

Today, Organic Roleplay presents a more unbound experience and has been widely adopted across the DayZ community. Whether you like to squad up and get into PvP fights, or enjoy hardcore roleplay scenarios, all are welcome on our servers. Enjoy the vast sandbox experience DayZ offers.

We do not bar any playstyle, as long as it does not go against any of our community rules.

We might not fit into the definitions some people hold for “roleplay servers” but our players love to create and tell stories through roleplay.