Fleshing out your Character – Art Series


4 years ago

Fleshing out your Character

There are many things members of our community have done to flesh their character and even group out. Whether it be writing stories, making a rap or painting someone like¬†“one of their French girls”, any and everything can be helpful as well as useful to further your characters development and deepen them as a person for others to see and learn from! We wanted to go through and share some of our membership’s works over the past couple months on our private forum, which non-whitelisted members will have to apply to join.


Please note some pieces may be considered NSFW, browse at your own risk!

Seddyma – Character/Group Portrait Series

Judge the Firekeeper

 Brokk and Finn of Black Sheep

Loup of Serdste Volka

Doctor Mayor of Cherno

Shadow of Serdste Volka

Audi of the Dugout

(Humble) Mac the Factionless Wanderer

The Faction Black Sheep (if they were Sheep!)

Artwork like this can help show players a persons or groups identity (joke or not). Not everyone is entirely serious and may just play for fun, and we support playstyles that are around this mindset on DayzUnderground just as much as the hardest and most serious roleplay. What you do with your character is always up to you, and thanks to Seddyma, she has helped by creating these caricatures of the community. Great work!

Wintermute – Winter’s Sketchbook

We are each others fragments…

At one time in the world there were woods no one owned…

Expect resistance…

Community Artwork

Torchwood Artwork – Pavel

A letter to Cat from Charlie

A crude drawing depicting transpired events – Charlie

Sledge the Clown Self Portrait – MasterAkrean

Some characters may go as far as to create journals or sketchbooks as if their character themselves made these. Something as simple as a couple doodles on a piece of paper or something more intricate as a painting could help you further dive into the psyche of who you play on DayzUnderground. Everyone has to deal with downtime eventually and become bored, an activity like this to spend the time can always be worth it for you as well as others in the long run!

Music and Speeches

Some want to express themselves, some want to get a message across and sometimes it’s a mix of both. Over the years we have had a multitude of audio/video formatted media shared amongst our members to start, continue and even end a story. Some of these are even featured in-game via Cassette Tapes.

Cinematics and Gameplay Series

Just a Taste of What’s Offered

DayzUnderground will once and a while publicly share some of our Community-made content from our private forum as we like to keep the discussions in one place to keep everyone engaged together. If you are interested in becoming apart of this Community be sure to sign up for our Whitelist here!

Some of our users have chosen to share their own stories and characters to the masses. Some even livestream their play sessions multiple times a week. If you are interested in seeing something like this be sure to follow the DUG Twitter Account as we try to share links as much as we can when one of our Community Members is livestreaming!