DUG Territory and POI Map – April 2023


1 year ago

The 33rd DayzUnderground Territory and POI Map – April 2023

dayz underground territory map april 2023

The south dissolves…

Some of our varied factions and groups that met the faction requirements to be recognized as official DUG factions, claim territories and have built points of interests for other survivors. Every two months, members can claim their territory or POI through the private DUG forum and share it with others if it’s substantiated. Here is the current map that will guide you across the server. You can also find it in the in-game tourist maps and stands.

Compared to the last map posted on our website, there are minor changes in territory and again we have new (and old) groups appearing on the map. Thank you all for your unique additions to the DUG community!

Featured Groups and Factions

Please keep in mind that all of these territories and groups represent real people, there are no NPCs. You will probably not always find everyone just as you pass by or find that a POI was torn down. These territories often just show you where these groups are based out of or have ties with through their stories and lore. Do not expect to find everyone loitering and waiting for you just as you might happen to pass by.

Many more groups and official factions currently don’t claim territory and while active in-game, are not featured on the map.

The 506th – An official faction that has created the Western Free State and punishes those who would bring evil to their home.

Black Sheep – An official faction that helps passerby’s in Guglovo and defends their town against aggressors.

The Collective – Skilled traders, acquiring rare and sought after goods such as weapons, armor, and vehicles. They choose their clients carefully, and only trade with those whose values align with their own and will use their goods for the betterment of mankind.

Dark As Midnight – An official faction focused on keeping what’s left of the world in anarchy and doing whatever necessary to protect their haven of Gorka and the surrounding area.

Forsaken Loyalists – The remnants of the old Forsaken Motorcycle Club that evaded slaughter by the Cult of Papa; formed of members who believed in the older codes and ethics within the club. They believe that survival of the group outweighs that of outsiders, but do not believe in senseless slaughter.

Golden Peppers – They are a guild open to any kind of job if you pay them enough and they find it appealing.

Outrider Caravan Company – They establish contracts with other factions and groups, moving shipments of specified goods on a semi-regular basis. When not moving goods through their network you can usually find them at their trading post at Green Mountain.

Order of the Isle – Comprised of survivors who wish to rebuild from the apocalypse on the somewhat safe and secluded island of Skalisity. Here they worship their own god, the Drowned God, who they believe protects them and provides life to the remainders of humanity and curses those who seek to destroy it.

Renegades – A nomadic group of tight-knit individuals who consider each other blood brothers and want to share that principle with other survivors who are just like them.

South Zagorian People’s Army – A collective of the dejected yet hopeful masses of South Zagoria. While humanity has atrophied to a tribal warlord state, they believe it is not yet too late to reverse course and bring a bountiful future for all. However, that window is rapidly closing.

Vigil – The values of Vigil surrounds Bor, its people, friends and allies. They are a friendly place for survivors to travel through, like others they ask travelers to keep their guns on their back and keep a friendly mindset around their town. They like to help survivors on their way and are open to trades if your adventures happen to cross theirs.

Wanderers – Brought together by the feeling of disenchantment regarding the groups they used to call home. Things have changed so much they no longer feel ties and connections to the groups and ideals they once subscribed to, and instead decided to do what they perceive to be best for themselves. ​

The Wizards – A group of individuals who firmly believe they are of a higher power. Not in the sense of divinity – in the sense of magic. Some of them claim to have been alive for hundreds of years. Convinced that the world has another apocalypse on the way, The Wizards rant and rave about the end of times and claim to be saving the world from being consumed in darkness.


DayzUnderground POI's

You can also find the map in-game at all tourist trail map stands.

Points of Interest

POIs are player-built locations that offer interesting meetings points or areas that are significant in the stories of people. They can be anything from bases that will be defended to open gathering places and trading posts. Some of those are excellent locations if you’re looking for player interactions! Though keep in mind, everyone is responsible for their own security.

The Commune – Rejoice! You are about to become a member of the Commune… Be sure to talk about Pablo (as soon as possible)!

Gorka – The home of Dark as Midnight. Find any map in game and it will tell you all you need to know – STAY OUT!

The Guglovo – A base made by the Black Sheep faction on DUG that acts as a stopping point for people moving across the map looking for food or aid.

Humble Haven – A small, collective group of like minded people that now consider each other family living in the NW of South Zagoria.

Kumyrna – A destroyed church that has been rebuilt and turned into a camp for survivors.

The Nexus – A radio tower in the SW of South Zagoria, primarily home to the Renegades.

Nowhere – Known for being the lone lodge in the west, this camp is home to the Wanderers.

Port of Pusta – A free pirate port for all who seek salvation from the law or other folks. It is a dangerous place, all kinds of people pass through the port to drown their sorrows in rum, share stories and seek information on the ongoing stories of the land.

Saint Joseph’s – A church-like refuge made out of a barn in Cernaya Polana. This stopping point in the northeastern part of the map is run by survivors who provide food, supplies, and stories of old to those passing through.

The Sanctuary – Known as the local hangout spot for Vigil and their friends with many forms of small events and parties hosted there.

The Sanctum –

Starlight Refuge –

Waldorf’s Gun Emporium – Be sure not to stay on his lawn for long! Waldorf wants a gun for every man’s hand. This includes you!

Willow Park –

The map making process and how to be on it

Every two months, community members come together to create a new territory map that shows the home turfs and points of interests of some of our groups and factions.

The process is quite simple, a thread is posted in our private member forum and any groups or collectives can claim territory or share their points of interest. The map team then votes on those claims based on requirements such as the amount of group members, their in-game and forum activity and what they add to the community and experience of other players.

Do you want to see your group or point of interest featured on the map? Show something unique, get involved with other players and join the community if you haven’t yet! Introduce your group through the forum and then later claim your territory in the next iteration.

We want to again thank everyone involved in this community created map, integritytwitch for creating this generation as well as all players who are represented on it and add more unique aspects to DUG!