DUG Mod Update #11 Overview


4 years ago

DUG Moving Into 1.07

As DayZ moves into 1.07, so do we! This update will mainly focus on Bohemia’s changes to Base Building and Raiding, what we are doing to these changes to fit them to our Hardcore Survival experience and also introduce a couple new custom items and variants coming to Chernarus (and Livonia)! Welcome to the DUG Mod Update #11 Overview.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Need to get a some incriminating evidence on a groups nefarious dealings but too scared to get all up and close? Fret not for this new item can assist in any long-range reconnaissance.

The Photo Camera is commonly used as a tool for surveillance. It has a variable zoom that you can partially adjust and a built-in flash to brighten up a small area in front of the user for pictures in dark areas. You can activate the flash by pressing the button you have assigned for head torches or any light source that can be attached to a helmet. Any battery placed in this camera will drain quickly if used too many times. It also looks as though the camera roll has been damaged or degraded over time, so pictures cannot be saved or stored on the device.

We hope the PvP and RP players in the community can find a form of utility with this new tool!

Base Building and Raiding Changes

As of 1.07, Bohemia has made changes to how bases work, so we have made changes of our own that are done to fit our vision of Hardcore and to help tackle the current “Gate-Stacking” meta we are seeing on our servers.

What’s New with Base Building?

With 1.07, gates can now only be created if both the top and bottom wooden frames of the fence have metal and/or wood attached to them already. This has been done to help combat against players and groups who have chosen to make gates only out of frames, which has lead to the easiest and fasted form of “Gate-Stacking”.



With this new change a gate’s lock and metal wire will NOT be removed if one or both of the walls are dismantled. As long as the lock and metal wire were placed onto the fence when both parts of the wall were completed (which is the only way to create a gate now), they will remain.

What’s New with Base Raiding?

Raiders rejoice! Bohemia has now implemented a new system to raiding that allows locks to be broken in stages (you must complete one full rotation of the interaction circle for a “stage” to complete). A Pristine Combination Lock must go through 5 stages of raiding degradation to become ruined and fall off of a gate. However, each stage will also degrade your raid tool! Every time your tool degrades and drops a durability it will take longer to reach the next stage of breaking the lock, similar to how it was in 1.06. In short, the fastest way to break through a pristine lock is to bring multiple pristine tools with you.

The good thing about this change (or bad depending on which side of the gate you are on) is that you can degrade a lock by a stage and walk away. We recommend base owners keep an eye on their locks as someone may have come by in the night and worked on your locks! Here is a handy guide to see the different stages of a locks durability:

Combination Locks will now degrade via stages from a Raid Tool, which also degrades the Raid Tool used in the process.

A Proper Introduction

After the huge success of the Cassette Player by Arkensor, we have now added a smaller, more compact version for you to use for a more “personal experience” per community request. Due to this Player’s size, you will find it is not as loud and its range is not nearly as far as the original. You can still use all the normal cassette tapes found in the world and play them to your heart’s content!

A new small cassette player for DayZ

The PONY Cassette Player is a compact version of the MILGA RM 301. It requires a battery and a cassette tape to make a sound. Its microphone seems to be broken, so no recording is possible.

A new tan FNX with custom grip tape

A new tan FNX with custom grip and barrel, made by Jex, joins the DUG weapon variants pack.

More Additions and Bug Fixes

  • Added two extra loading screens
  • Updated map in-game and in loading screen
  • Added tan FX-45
  • Fixed 9mm Rubber Box texture to mention 25 rounds
  • 1.07 Compatibility for rubber slugs.
  • Added Black Cross Armband (Congrats on Faction Status!)
  • Fixed LAR Wooden Buttstock description
  • Disabled the removal of Attachments from deployed Tripwire Traps
  • You can now use Burlap Strips to make and use as kindling in a Fireplace

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