Introducing DayzUnderground Namalsk


11 months ago

The Hardest Challenge Yet Comes to DUG

Starting December 3rd 2020, DayzUnderground is launching a brand new Namalsk server!

Welcome to NUG (Namalsk Underground)! Namalsk is a hardcore survival experience with a rich lore and history on a custom map with tons of new content, created by the Project Lead of DayZ, Sumrak, where the bitter cold and harsh map will test your ability to survive the rugged winter environment. Make no mistake when we tell you this will be your hardest challenge yet…

What Mods Are Required?

As of Namalsk’s initial release these will be the mods required to join our Namalsk Underground serverĀ (this list may change in the future):

As you can see we are not immediately implementing our DUG mod into the NUG Server, but will slowly introduce the DUG Mod in the future if there is continued interest of the Namalsk server.

We recommend to use the official DayZ launcher that is built into the game to connect to the server for now. It will automatically handle the mods for you.

What Will Be Different?

The size of Namalsk is much smaller than Chernarus or Livonia, as a result we are making changes to that which Sumrak himself has recommended to get as close to his intended vision of the Namalsk experience. These changes include:

  • Maximum Player Count of 40
  • No Base-building
  • No vehicles
  • No official support of Groups/Factions

We do have created dedicated channels on the DayzUnderground community discord server that are open to all:

Open to the Public

For the initial release we launched with a 24/7 Whitelist of the Namalsk Underground server to give the DayzUnderground community members the ability to experience Namalsk as it was intended by its creator.

It is now open for everyone to enjoy! Make sure to join and test your limits in this harsh environment.

If you would like to play on our main server and are not whitelisted you can apply here.

The truth is out there. Are you prepared to face it?