Base Building on DayzUnderground

Since the addition of base building, we have seen many survivors and groups take the initiative to create some awesome bases, fight arenas, and other gathering areas on DUG. However, we are also seeing people take advantage of some of these new base building mechanics to create bases that defy the laws of physics and/or break our rules in order to gain an advantage over their fellow players. As a result, we have decided to make these rules more concrete and understandable so that they are both easier to understand AND to make it easier on staff/community members having to report and punish people.

Base Building

  • Bases must be accessible. You must build your base in a way that allows every fence/tower/gate/lock to be destroyed or dismantled. No base is 100% safe!
  • Fences cannot be glitching or clipping into storage items like tents and barrels. Storage items cannot be glitching into other objects either (walls, hills, or other similar areas).
  • Fences and platforms cannot float in the air freely. This means platforms may only be placed on ground-level fences. You are allowed to stack one fence on top of the other (with the poles matching up).
  • Player-made fences may only be stacked up to 2 fences high.
  • You cannot clip fences through solid walls in game whereby the clipping fences would be in two rooms of a building.¬†Player-made fences cannot pass through each other.
  • Gate locks must be placed in a way where they can be destroyed from the outside. They must be visible from the outside (not within an object, poking out from an in-game wall, or hidden behind other objects).
  • If we see a base that starts to affect server performance due to its size or objects within the base, you may be asked to remove some of your fences or towers.

Here you can find a link to examples of bases that break our rules 


  • You cannot bury your stashes one on top of the other. We consider this glitching on our servers.
  • Wooden Crate recipes on DUG are doubled from vanilla numbers. It costs 4 planks and 36 nails to make a crate, and they cannot be buried.
  • Storage items you can bury: Drysack, First Aid Kit, Teddy Bear, Cooking Pot, Ammo Box, Protector Case, Boar Backpack
  • Storage items you cannot bury: All backpacks (except Boar Backpack), Wooden Crate, Barrel, Sea Chest.