Base Building and Storage Rules on DayzUnderground

Since the addition of base building, we have seen many survivors and groups take the initiative to create some awesome bases, fight arenas, and other gathering areas on DUG. However, we are also seeing people take advantage of some of these new base building mechanics to create bases that defy the laws of physics and/or break our rules in order to gain an advantage over their fellow players. As a result, we have decided to make these rules more concrete and understandable so that they are both easier to understand and to make it easier on staff/community members having to report and punish people.

DayzUnderground has altered Base Building via our mod to separate Fence Kits into Fence Kits and Gate Kits. REMEMBER: In order to build a gate you WILL need to craft a Gate Kit.

Base Building

  • Bases must be accessible at all times. You must build your base in a way that allows every fence/tower/gate to be destroyed and dismantled. No base is 100% safe!
  • Fences cannot be glitching or clipping into storage items like tents and barrels. All fence/gate posts must be visible. Storage items cannot be glitching into geometric objects (walls, hills, or other similar objects). Storage items also cannot clip into other storage objects (crates in barrels, crate spam piles, or similar).
  • Do not stack watchtowers/fences on top of one another. Placing additional fences on watchtowers falls under this rule.
  • Fences and platforms cannot float in the air freely. This means platforms may only be placed on ground-level fences.
  • You cannot clip fences through solid walls in game whereby the clipping fences would be in two rooms of a building. Player-made fences cannot pass through each other.
  • Each gate and fence must be placed so they have enough space in front and back for the full length of the wall for a player to walk between it and another player built gate or fence. i.e. no Wall/Gate stacking. Do not circumvent this by placing posts to block the gaps. Here is an example image.

Here you can find a link to examples of bases that break our rules.


  • You cannot bury your stashes one on top of the other. We consider this glitching on our servers.
  • Wooden Crate recipes on DUG are increased from vanilla numbers. It costs 8 planks and 36 nails to make a crate.
  • Storage items you can bury: Drysack, First Aid Kit, Teddy Bear, Cooking Pot, Ammo Box, Protector Case, Tacklebox and Wooden Crate.
  • Storage items you cannot bury: All Backpacks (except Crafted Leather Sacks, Drybag Backpacks, Fur Courier Bags and Fur Improvised Bags), Barrel, and Sea Chest.

What Happens to Buildings that Break Rules?

If we see a base that starts to affect server performance, has gone overboard on gate usage or violates one of our building rules listed above you will be given a 24-hour notice to bring your base/building into compliance with the rules and what we find to be acceptable.

If you fail to do so within that time we will bring your base into compliance, no refunds for any deleted gates, walls, nails, or other resources will be given.

If you are unsure if your base/building(s) will fall into rule breaking territory please reach out to staff via our Ticket System with images of the structure(s) as well as coordinates to its location.

If we cannot find a way to properly contact you within a reasonable time frame, we will move forward with bringing your base into compliance ourselves.