Dayzundergrund 5 year anniversary trading cards event

5 Year Anniversary and Trading Cards Scavenger Hunt

Today we celebrate 5 years of DayzUnderground, we loved being there for it all and want to commemorate it with a scavenger event of rare DUG trading cards.

Blessed are the founding fathers who crafted this Great Empire

Bless the Founding Fathers – DUG Cinematic

Tensions rise between the 506 and the US Army in DayzUnderground.

US Army Paranoia – DUG Gameplay

DayZ Server Owners Newsletter #4 shares updates on Experimental 1.01 Server Files,
Persistence Backups & More

DayZ Server Owner Newsletter #4

The fourth DayZ server owner newsletter answers our questions and provides info on Experimental 1.

Settlement – The Story of Anton

Settlement – The Story of Anton

Anton had always been one to settle and for a moment it all seemed so beautiful, almost idyllic.

The Golden Jackals organized a FIght club event in the dayz underground server

Fight Night with the Golden Jackals!

DayzUnderground News broadcast brought to you buy Nazir Novikov and the Confederation of Free Cities.

Free Chernarus Radio News Broadcast

DayzUnderground Blog Entry by Tatanko visiting the real DayZ Chernarus

Tatanko Visits the Real DayZ Chernarus

I had the opportunity to live out every DayZ fan’s dream: I visited Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic, otherwise known as “real life Chernarus.

DayZ 1.0 PC release trailer

DayZ 1.0 PC release trailer