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The three scheduled server profiles explained and how to access them

The DUG servers have a unique setup: three server profiles following the schedule control who can access the servers. Whitelisted for community members who applied, passworded for anyone who joined our public DUG Steamgroup and open for everyone to connect.

The server titles always reflect the current scheduled profile.


When the servers are whitelisted, they are only accessible to whitelisted community members who had their application accepted. Members will find all access details and the whitelist password in our private forum.


The password is available to anyone by joining our public DUG Steamgroup. Simply log into Steam in your browser, join the public Steamgroup, refresh the page and find the password.


The servers are open for everyone to connect.


Teamspeak Server

Tired of roaming around alone? The DUG 128 slot TS3 server offers you public meeting rooms or private channels reserved for community factions and groups of members. Here you’ll find people and groups to play with! If you’re a community member, you’ll receive the DUG member tag and get access to private channels.

Teamspeak IP

Keeping our Server Secure

Over the years we have developed custom tools to help us work more efficiently and better identify foul play. Combined with an experienced staff, we are dedicated towards providing you a secure environment to create your stories. All users must follow DayzUnderground’s rules.

Should you encounter a rare glitcher, hacker, stream sniper or witnessed any rule being broken, please submit a report.